So proud, having a moment

Hi all

As many of you know I facilitate a mental health recovery group on a Saturday. I have organised a first aid course and a level 2 food Hygeine course for our members.

Today we had a presentation from a lady who runs a befriending service to help beat social isolation We came up with a deal for us to provide a cheap meal for one of their outings. So our group of 'disadvantaged' people are going to run a pop up restaurant. I am so pleased for everyone.

Any spare pinnies LOL?

It just shows how community groups can work together to lead better lives.

Kindest wishes


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  • That sounds brilliant SK and you are right to feel proud. It's great when things work out well. Xxx

  • Good luck with your venture, hope it goes extremely well.

  • Love what your doing up there Skrckers :) . Inspiring stuff and very appreciated by your group I can imagine. :) . Anything that brings people together to help themselves and others has to be a good thing. X

  • Aye owt for cheap. Pity we don't have council salaries behind us. But we manage. We did an 8 week healthy eating course too but at break time they have 3 sugars in tea. But we keep going. Getting isolated people out and about is great comfort to me. Xxx

  • Yeah I lost my assistant cos she was doing a 12 hour shift, dealing with robots! Not a lipstick in sight LOL.

  • Maybe I should swap Sharon for a lower maintenance robot ha ha. Save a bomb on make up and hair doo's.

    Think Sharon could do with a deserved rest but those Duracell batteries for the robot won't come cheap.

    Maybe you can get robots on motability 😁.

    Hows that young engineer of yours doing?

  • Won student of the year! Excelling in a language I don't understand. But that is showing my age. Will o get more board now shee is doing time n half?

  • You've every right to feel proud it's a good thing that you're doing. 👏👏👏

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