Birds of wisdom -29

Birds of wisdom -29

One more to go. If I get time I'll post the final one in this series tomorrow. I'm away for a few days visiting my brother-in-law in Huddersfield. He is into his 4th year after being diagnosed with Oesophageal (thank goodness for spell check) Cancer. He has had his ups and lots of downs. The latest he has had a stent fitted that stopped him from starving to death. The loops we had to jump to get the NHS to fit one. Final straw was we took him to A & E when he couldn't swallow his own saliva. How ill do you have to get before action. That was 4 months ago since then he has regained weight, become a useful member of society- so if there is some form of NHS cost/value/benefit analysis going on why wait until its almost too late.

Ah well. My moan for the day, feel better after it.

Enjoy, stay well.

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  • My favourite bird Tryfan.

    How awful what your brother-in-law has been through and is still going through. Hope you enjoy some quality time with him.

    Take care xxxx

  • So pleased your brother is improving. One of my husbands close relatives has been through the mill with the same condition. She is clear at the moment but has to have check ups every 3 months for the next 3 years. Nice to see her eating again. Hope the same for your brother. Joyce

  • It seems to be a bit of a post code lottery as far as the NHS is concerned. I had my op' at Stoke Uni' Hosp with follow ups at New Cross in Wolverhampton as that's closer to home. There were areas where both hospitals fell short in one way or another but fortunately for me it's had no lasting consequences. I thought having a stent fitted was fairly standard procedure when there's difficulty swallowing, I haven't needed one but on the OPA site I've never read of anyone being refused one, or even having to ask for one. I had the Ivor Lewis procedure 5 yrs ago last Monday and (fingers crossed as I say this) I'm doing fine....well, apart from COPD, and 'so far', that's not too bad. Good to hear that your brother-in-law has regained some weight and is now on the mend, long may that continue.

  • Thanks for your thoughts. Best wishes to you and long may you continue to improve.

  • Enjoy your stay with your brother-in-law.

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