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Feeling fed up 🙁

After 4 weeks on steroids I took the last one last Friday felt really well no wheezing no coughing no tight chest went to see my asthma nurse 2 days ago and even she said how well I looked 👍🏻. Woke up this morning and the chest tightness has started the coughing and wheezing also just can't get this asthma under control when I was told I had adult onset asthma 16 months ago I thought I would be given an inhaler and I'd be ok BOY WAS WRONG !!!

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I know how you feel, I have just finished another course of steroids and I have a bit of a wheeze already.

I usually reduce them gradually as I find that works better for me, but we are all different.

Have you been prescribed a preventer inhaler, I had to try a few before I found a suitable one, but it's chest infections that do for me....other people sharing their coughs .


I know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed with asthma in 2012, and my consultant has labelled it as difficult asthma and tells me, in the nicest possible way, that I'm a tricky patient. Basically they don't know how to manage my breathing. My lung function isn't bad enough for me to try the new biological medication so I'm on 4 inhalers, a nasal spray, cetrizine, montelucast, permanent antibiotics and steroids. For the past few days my breathing has been much worse and I really should go and see my gp, but I know there isn't anything he can do!


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