So I'm go a get myself ready N go to a&e. Really terrible nite. I've now not slept 4 days an am exhausted. The thought of sitting on a&e, is so daunting but I has tight pains in my chest last nite funny enough along the rite side an down my rite arm an very short of breath. Lots of anxiety. I can breath a bit easier rite now but my pump wasn't doing it last nite at all. My partner was not happy 2dsy I really am feeling like a burden. I x

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  • You could dial 999 poppy if things are that bad. Good luck to you and hope you are well cared for.

    Thinking of you xxxx

  • Thank you. I thought cause my breathing isn't as bad this morning I shouldn't really call 999 I do t no. X

  • You could ring 111 for lesser emergencies. You will have to answer some questions so make yourself comfortable.

  • Hope you feel better soon,let us know how you are doing Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thank you xx

  • If you got pains in your arm and chest go and get checked out poppy for peace of mind xx

  • Did you go to hospital x

  • 111 sent an ambulance out an all my test were clear. She think that I ha r chronic panic disorder an maybe nocturnal asthma. This is wat could b causing all my pain an breathing problems. But she wants me to call them out again 2nite wen the weezey comes on which it does every nite. An then she said we will go from there cause my chest is clear rite now an no cardiac problems at all. I'm very shocked but also a but relieved it may not b as serious as I thought although she did say I have to B carefull as panic disorder to this degree can cause cardiac problems so I'm going to my psychiatric nurse Monday morning an go from there. Thank you everyone am I will keep u informed as to the outcome. I do feel a but mire at ease. Xx

  • I'm pleased that your checks where clear poppy seems you got a very understandable paramedic good idea to see your nurse Monday glad you a bit more settled xx

  • Thank you. U take care xx

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