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Stages of Copd


Stages of COPD

How do you know where you are?

Is spirometry effective in telling us?

Can you move back n forth these stages?

I can't get any sense out of my surgery . They are avoiding doing spirometry twice on appointments now. As had had recent chest infections.

I just want to know where I am .

Bit frustrated at the minute with it all.


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Hi, I don't think they are avoiding testing you it's because your results would be wrong. I just had my six month review, after a year! Every time I was booked in I got an infection then you have to be clear for 6 weeks before they can do it.

Your spirometry test will tell you what stage you're at, and yes you can move. It's down to if you get worse or better. Exercise can make improvement and stopping smoking and lots of things could make you worse, pollution, smoking and sometimes just life.

Knowing what stage you're at won't change much but you could start doing all the right things now which will help you in the future,

Healthy eating, exercise learning good breathing techniques etc. are a good place to start.

I'm no expert but I think I've covered enough to get you started oh and don't worry!

Take care x

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Yes, your spirometry results can go up and down with both body and breathing exercises, but unfortunately the damage to your lungs is permanent and will not get any better, there is no cure available for it, yet.

It is frustrating not knowing I agree, but you will have a chance to ask all your questions when you get referred to a consultant. A GP is a "jack of all trades" and will probably not be an expert in your condition, but your consultant will be.

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Like all that hope I speak to you again😊

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what type of exercise would you recommend please?

Hi Mel. Great reply from Diesel, so I haven't really got anything to add. Just keep moving......great for the lungs and will release those endorphins to improve your mood. Good luck and take care. Pam XXX

Spirometry can be affected for a number of reasons, whatever the result it is not going to change your abilities. You will still be the same person one hour after the test as you was one hour before. You have been given good advice about how you can improve your situation by diet, exercise etc so concentrate on how you help yourself. At the end of the day Spirometry is just one element of assessment but lifestyle changes can alter your outlook both physically and mentally.


This may sound goofy but I usually go with how I feel and how well I can push myself in my daily comings and goings..., and I ALWAYS make a point of pushing myself; to let the 'disease' dictate how you act is to let it win..., I choose not to do that.

Docs are necessary but the work doesn't stop there; they are on the outside looking in and no matter their experience or know how they don't know the whole picture like you do since you're the one on the inside looking out.

I'm not saying by any means to ignore what the docs have to say but..., just keep in mind what I said above: they're on the outside looking in and you're on the inside looking out; you're the one actually experiencing this illness.

One man's ceiling is another man's floor.

Totally agree, well said

I don't really bother with numbers. I was at the resp clinic in December last year and asked my consultant what stage I was at as I have never bothered asking before. He said moderate stage two. But he dosnt go by them. Then I had my 6 month PR review a few weeks ago. And my distance had gone down from 6 months ago although my O2 level stayed the same. And I was breathless all the time doing the 6 min test. So the physio said the as I was stage two my symptom at the moment are stage 3 severe. And they have been like this for about 3 years now but I am seeing a immunologist at the moment. As there isn't much more the resp consultant can do for me. As it has something to do with my immune system or lack of it.

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Thank you for replying :-)

So it's more complex than you would think. What can the immunologist do that the chest consultant can't do ?Mel

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