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How many times are you told before it sinks in 1 ,4 myself 1 is enough

Hi not been on for a while seems to be one thing after another as some may now I have heart failure and a lot of other condishion which subside in there serverty now again but my heart stays constantly bad as well as ankalosing spondilitis rheumatoid osteo arthritis copd anxiety a while ago my Benifit's changed to pip approx 10 monthes but still not sorted my own fault I suppose as when I filled out the application I was not myself after losing my partner so I scimed through and did not cram it full the first they misplaced after monthes got reply saying wasn't entitled anymore I apeal and apeal now I am getting close to final apeal in Liverpool at.cort I've been getting 55 a week for long time before I was on full DLA both entitlement big drop I moved drs long time ago so I only go when am in agony then I don't realy go tbh I don't stay in hospital unless Iam sedated and I don't sleep haven't for 20 monthes so my conserne is when I went to gp for letter they asked me and I just said few thing which were wrote typed when I read it was nearly word for word but not very good letter as far as Iam concerned I enquired and gp said I don't go in much I don't but this does not mean Iam not I'll once am told I carnt take meds I don't moan gonthere every day no point and same about my illnesses why moan everyday but looks like I shot myself in the foot not doing so I don't feel bitter very often but I do right now so I've cancels my ops in Liverpool and don't intend to change my mind as far as am consernd I'll deal with it no pacemaker or defibulater I really carnt be doing with all the haste and had to bury my mom yesterday bless her so I feel rarther fed up. Outing it very mildly after all they no best if I don't go I must not be I'll play it there way even if it does kill me indeed I would cut off my nose to spite my face so be careful of trying not to go drs if you don't your not I'll fed up big time 😞

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Hi you sound really down, sorry you lost your mum I know how hard that is. Please don't lose hope, don't let the system beat you, its worth fighting for. If you give up you let them win. Hold your head up and let them see you have a rights and are going to fight for them, after all they gave you the money before so they must have thought you were entitled to it. Take care and let us know how you get on. We are all here to support you. 😊 xxx Bernadette


Hi, I agree with Bernadette, even though you must naturally feel very down at the moment...there is support out there.

The only way is up from now on.......on Monday the BLF helpline is open again.....03000 030 555......they can support you.

Likewise the Citizens Advice Bureau they are the experts on helping with benefits.

Can you contact your MP by email and explain your situation.

Is there a nurse practioner at your Health Centre that you could talk too about your problems, they may have more time than your GP.

Please don't cancel your operation though, two of my friends have had pacemakers fitted, and another asthmatic friend has had a heart valve replacement ...they have had a new lease of life and they are all over seventy.

There is always someone here over the weekend to talk too, and there are anxiety sites too. Others can help until Monday and then you can get professional help.....never give up.

condolences on your mums passing, and losing your partner too.


Hi there, you sound really anti doctor due to experience, but right now you are possibly down due to your mothers death. You don't need added torment of appeals but as you have got this far don't give in now only a small hurdle left to go. Agree with you just because you avoid DRs does not mean you are well, just their incorrect presumption. My saying would be my illness is stable , but does not sound that way for you. Changes in life and money reductions cause more anxiety as do breavement. Take care of yourself and see the DR when you feel less fed up to put it in your words. I would follow advice below and try to get some help with the none medical things and allow yourself to greive. Just talking like on here can make you feel a little more hopeful for a better outcome. Your condition should entitle you to disability benefits to help maintain your independence, but sadly many are going through the process you are its such a drag when you are ill. Hope things are sorted for you soon.


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