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hi im loretta 46 been diagnosed with copd but they also think I have bronchiolitis' spelling prob wrong. I've tried numerous times to stop smoking but never got there. I switched to e cig n am on the lowest strength with the hope to in the near future to completely stop. I don't class myself as a smoker anymore but am I doing the right thing using the e cig I just don't know. I do feel better but I'm forever getting flare ups and I'm totally fed up and can't see the point in trying to do everything they have advised when I cant even walk upstairs. Somebody plz help me i am at my wits end xox thankyou in advance for any tips

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  • llo1970 Yes it hard to quit I did it I smoked 27yrs diagnosed with copd and sarcadois in 2014 been nonsmoker 2,yrs 6 months I used nicorette gum and prayers and looking at my 9 yr old grandson my 29 yr old daughter /26 yr old son worth living for my prayers are with you U can ,DO IT,👍

  • im trying so hard I'm just hoping using the e cig is the right way to do it I've had so many personal traumas in the last 6 years its the only one I've been able to stick to 100percent haven't smoked since jan so I just pray I'm doing right for my health xo

  • Hi Jun yes stick to e fag loads better than smoking, your lungs will probably just trying to adjust and clear themselves from all years of smoking, just know you get breathless walking but try and walk every day, keep going a bit further every time, you need to try and stay as active as you possibly can. Also if you can enrol on a pulmonary rehab course xx

  • Hi Loretta, yes it hard to quit but well worth it. I stopped over four year ago best thing I ever did. A little exercise daily helps also a healthy diet and lots of fluids. You will get there just have a little faith in yourself ask about pulmonary rehab, it will not only help you and make you feel better,but will give you more confidence. Let us know how you get on. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • thank you so much i am so scared and anxious constantly. I have to wait on my scan results which I get on monday to find out abt rehab xox

  • It can be very scary,but you will be fine. Let us know how you get on.have a lovely weekend take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • The E cig is a lot better than smoking. I used them myself. Improvement in your health will only come slowly after stopping. After stopping smoking I then looked at my diet, In my case I was underweight so I went onto a high protein diet, So far I have gained 10lbs. I also started some gentle exercises and over the last three months have really improved. There are lots of exercises on you tube.

    I can understand how you feel, at times it does feel pointless especially when you keep getting flair's infections etc. However unless you take care of yourself physically, by that I mean having a good diet, starting exercise and taking your medications correctly then sadly you will not see any improvement.

    As your GP referred you for pulmonary rehabilitation? This as helped a number of members kick start their improvement. There are breathing exercises which can help you. It takes a little bit of research but all the information you need is out there.

    Lastly from your post I get the impression that you at the present time are a bit depressed. Have you spoke to anyone about how you feel. There is help out there but you must seek help.

    You have done really well to give up smoking, OK you are still on e cigs but that is a very big step to improve your situation. Feeling better is a process of a lot of small steps. Sometimes you will take steps back but that is COPD. There is no magic pill and in reality the only person who can start these changes is you. People can help but you need to start the process by helping yourself.

    Good luck.

  • Morning llo

    Welcome to this forum. You will find many members here who have gone through the same problems that you are. And I put that in the past tense because they have battled through and come out the other side. You will get plenty of help, advice and support from this lovely group. I was intrigued by your saying you have Bronchiolitis. That is a small airways disease, (NOT a small disease) and I should be interested to know a little more. There are a few different types, all of them unusual if not rare and there are several members here with it. So, if you can, please fill in a bit more?

    All the best


  • It is hard to give up smoking i was diagnosed with copd about 7 years ago and was told to give up smoking but i was still smoking for another 3 years i tried to stop on numerous occasions but found it very hatd and just as easy as writing this i woke up on morning and said im not smoking any more and i didnt and that was 4 years ago so you stick with the e cigs just dont go back to the fags i cant walk upstairs sometimes but others i can its hard and you will always have good days and bad as for your cough i think you will find thats because you have given up the fags it took me about 2 years to stop coughing after i had give up it will get easier stick in there

  • I've spoken to my doctor and nurse and they are both ok about me having e cigs :)

  • I'm on ebay cig 3 months yesterday when I was diagnosed better than smoking cigs good luck with things xx

  • I doubt if anyone stops smoking at their first attempt, I know I didn't - and if ecigarettes had been around when I was trying to stop I'm sure I'd have swapped over to them. Stopping smoking is a big step in the right direction, and you've already taken it - so give yourself a pat on the back. On a bad day it's easy to lose heart and to feel that nothing's worth the effort, on those sort of days I generally make less of an effort - but I've stopped beating myself about it and that's another step in the right direction! When I can't face doing the shopping, I do an online shop and get a ready meal from the freezer if there isn't much in the fridge. I'll still have done my shopping and got a meal ready! Even on bad days you will have done 'something useful' doesn't matter what it is - you've done it, and that's a positive. Even taking a shower, putting the rubbish out or feeding the cat - these are all things that have to be done, and if you've managed to do them it's not such a bad day, is it.

  • Magpuss Yes it can be done u can quit if u want to

  • Hi llo 1970

    I'm foxy79 it's hard but you can do it for yourself might sound harsh but it's the truth damages are done to your lungs know by stop smoking you can life and that is a very bad diseases copd you have to maintain it my it works I know after you stop completely give it few months you see your ability do things will come back slowly slowly you will get upstairs thing like this know all the years smoking has damaged lots some people are bed bound some can't walk stuck in chair some got more worse I'm 36 I got copd broncecictsis respiratory type2 emphysema I'm Bibep nublizer 24/7 oxygen due to smoking only cure is lung transplant my friend you can do it slowly as your strong use all the help you can get and get that flamugh out you will feel much better take care

  • arc thankyou all so much for taking the time to reassure me. I had a real bad day yesterday but thankyou all for the reassurance and support. Look forward to getting to know you all and maybe being able to reassure someone at some stage. Loretta xox

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