Pills are working!

Finally gave in on Sunday and started antibiotics and steroids and feel like a new woman now! Still breathless, but feeling more energetic. Had a lovely day yesterday. Went to WI Fish and Chip Lunch then later to an Irish Evening put on by a fantastic local school. Granddaughters were dancing so all in all, it was brilliant. Just thought I'd share!

xx Moy

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  • Glad your feeling better but please don't overdo things to soon. Pleased you had a nice day , bet it was nice seeing your granddaughters.

    Take care Peg xxx

  • Don't worry - my feet are up today! I'm out to lunch with my husband and some friends so no cooking. xx Moy

  • It's great when you can see and measure the result of meds. Enjoy this good period Moy and let's hope it lasts for a while.

  • Yes, it's great when the pills work so quickly - shows it was the right course of action, I think. I've had quite a good few months over the winter, surprisingly, but now all the pollen's back to irritate. Still, I love to see all the spring flowers and just have to put up with a bit of wheezing. No pain, no gain, as they say!

    xx Moy

  • Glad things looking up x

  • So glad that you're feeling much better and able to enjoy yourself. Take it easy and enjoy the rest of your day. XXX

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