Symbicort 100/6 versus AssiemEMite 80/4.5

Symbicort 100/6 versus AssiemEMite 80/4.5

Are these equivalent?

I opened my new medication this morning and found when I peeled a multitude of labels of the packet this Italian job!

A little further investigation with google, I found an Italian page similar to UK MIM's. Where with google translation it says:-

AssiemEMite 80/4.5

"Each delivered dose (the dose that leaves the mouthpiece) contains:

budesonide 80 micrograms / inhalation and formoterol fumarate dihydrate 4.5 micrograms / inhalation.

Each metered dose contains: budesonide 100 micrograms / inhalation and formoterol fumarate dihydrate 6 micrograms / inhalation."

Now my question is:

"What is the difference between a delivered dose and a metered dose"?

and where does the difference go?

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  • Absolutely no idea sorry,but someone on here might be able to help.😊 xx

  • No idea Pete, sorry. Hope you get some answers soon. Xxx

  • It's a mystery to me too I'm afraid, Pete. Logic would say the delivered dose and metered dose should be the same. Apparently not. Also seems odd that supplies are coming from Italy just at the time Brexit is beginning to be implemented.

    Think the most important thing is that you don't notice any change in its effectiveness for you - unless of course that it's better! Sue x

  • I am trying to reduce my Symbicort with my GP's help. I am now on 1 puff am and 1 puff pm. I will soon notice any change as I will then need to use either another puff of Symbicort or some Ventolin.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • If taken correctly the 'Delivered' dose should get to a point of effectiveness in your lungs - a small percentage of the metered dose is lost - sticks on your tongue, throat etc.- and doesn't get delivered.

  • The metered dose I believe is so called because it has a meter on the inhaler which indicates the number of times it has been used.

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