Finally a diagnosis!

Well after waiting several months I finally got to see a consultant yesterday who was pretty sure that I have bronchiectasis although I need a scan to confirm for sure.. I feel relieved that finally someone has taken me seriously! I have been put on a mucus thinning drug and given a blue inhaler and once the tests confirm diagnosis will be referred for physio to show me how to clear my lungs and breathe better...taken the first lot of mucus thinning drugs tonight and it might be my imagination but I feel less bunged up and rattly already!

One thing I forgot to ask is about exercise I've not felt up to it really but I'm hoping if things improve I might manage a bit more.. Anyone took up swimming and did it help at all?

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  • Hi Knicho and a very warm welcome to you, although sorry you have, yet to be confirmed by scan, bronchiectasis.

    When you have an active infection then your body will tell you your limits. However, when your bronch is stable the more exercise you are comfortable with the better - it all helps to move the gunk in your lungs, although you must still do the physio you will be taught.

    Swimming is brilliant, although I have to say I don't ever go into saunas, steam rooms or a jacuzzi because of the risk of pseudo.


  • Thank you.. I think I think I'm going to try the swimming. Sorry as I'm new to this I don't know what a pseudo is?

  • So sorry Knicho - my fault - I knew you were new to this malarky. We often use shortforms and sometimes we really shouldn't. Apologies. Pseudomonas Aerignosa is a bacterium.

    Enjoy your swimming.


  • Thank you I knew nothing of that... I've got a spa day planned in July so I'm glad you said that so I can avoid!

  • Lovely. Enjoy.

    An envious cx

  • Hi cofdrop, this is really good to know as we have planned a spa holiday in the next couple of months. Have just looked up PA though and won't be going in the sauna or jacuzzi! Cheers x

  • Hi ,I took up swimming and I feel so much better for it. Hope you ere Ok let us know how you are.take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thank you I will x

  • If you have the opportunity to swim do it. Be aware that chlorine in pools can trigger COPD flair's in some people. However swimming is an excellent exercise.

  • The chlorinated water wrecks my lungs. They actually hurt. Cant go in a pool anymore.

  • Crikey that sounds horrible.. fingers crossed that I'm not the same x

  • When you feel well, swimming is great, definitely helps to clear lungs. Take it easy, you know your own limits. X

  • Thank you I'm going to start slowly and build up if I can x

  • Hi it's much easier to deal with once you know what it is your dealing with. exercise is the best thing you can do for this complaint. learn how to breath effectively to clear the mucus. i use a device called a Acapulco which works well for me ask your physio they will explain it to you . listen to the advice give to you then take control you will know what works for you and don''t be defined by it . i'm 74 women i'm ticking of my bucket list know do yoga and a gym class once a week and i'm off to see Bat Out Of hell today everyday's a bonus enjoy it

  • Thank you your post made me smile.. I hope to be doing all those things when I am 74 and intend to do everything I can to feel as well as possible x

  • Glad you finally got a diagnosis, so that now they can give you correct meds etc. Ask to be referred to Pulmonary Rehab - great for exercise and helpful information x

  • I wondered about this as I've heard people mention it on here I will definitely ask when I see the consultant next thank you x

  • I have bronchiecstasis, diagnosed about 4 years ago. I started swimming and managed two lengths of my local 25m pool. I have gradually built up the number of lengths, swimming once or twice a week, and can now do 25 lengths without becoming too breathless. The thing that usually stops me I'd the pain in my joints from RA! My peak flow has improved from 280 to nearly 400. So I would say yes to swimming.

  • I'd love to swim but my oxygen bottle drags me straight to the bottom.

  • Just curious...I have phlegm in my lungs all the time..trouble breathing. High Co2 in my bloodwork. My GP referred me to o a chest xray. I asked if that would show inflammation. He said no. So, I am wondering why is he exposing me to an xray and what if anything is he getting out of a chestxray? What tests did you do to find this ?

  • I have had an X-ray and spirometry along with the consultant listening to my ongoing symptom saga.. I've had repeated infections and not been well for about 2 and a half years now. The consultant said that he cannot definitely diagnose without a ct scan though as I know copd and bronchiectasis have much the same symptoms as can asthma sometimes x

  • I may eventually get to that kind of testing. I am not sure I am going to do the chest xray.

    I am looking to retire near a lake and swim in natural water. That is my hope. Swimming is great. But, like Helen, my arms and shoulders hurt after any kind of exercising.

    I am getting tested for RA. My hands are awful and my back.

    Use to be an exercise nut my whole life. Breaks my heart. When i try to exercise, I am in pain afterwards. An epsom salt bath helps a lot.

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