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After I got diagnosed with COPD in Feb 2016, I ended up losing my job with a global FM company. A clever move by them. So my wife and I sold up and have only recently moved to the sea coast of Lincolnshire.Before leaving Berkshire, I had my 12 monthly COPD review and had to provide the nurse with Spirometry tests. I recall the year before when I provided these. On the second blow, my throat erupted with a burst like a trumpet and I felt a mass of discomfort high up in my right lung. The problem is I was left with a hoarsey voice which even today is getting worse and I do struggle to talk. Can anyone relate to this as being part of the problem having COPD ?

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  • Hello BarryC5

    I have a diagnosis of moderate COPD, just finished several (4) courses antibios and 3x steroids and several weeks off work, I have a hoarse voice , it just sounds different , and am conscious of it on occasion, no idea why , am trying to rest a lot , but stupidly have a six month puppy so not easy , Don't know if it's common to have hoarse voice with this illness, but am sure someone will give feed back

    Take care Dianna

  • Hi Dianna, I feel for you having to have been on the antibiotics etc for several weeks. I know my voice gets worse when I'm stressed out and running short of breath, but I've recently noticed that when I speak with others, it gets worse. I'm gonna see my new respiratory nurse to see if it's related with the COPD. Good luck with your new puppy, they're needed to help us along on a daily basis.

    Thanx for the response.

    Barry x

  • Hi dianne.you may not think so yet but having that puppy could prove a life line for you.lf it wasnt for my sophie l wouldnt have to go out but l have to which means l get exercese and fresh air and sometimes contact with other people.oh and fresh air.somtimes the air bit isnt helpful but l take that chance every day.good luck .sunshine 48

  • I call it my sexy voice, usually happens to me if I've had to talk a lot. Might be worth having a chat with your doctor/nurse. Where on the coast are you? I lived near to Lincoln :)

  • Id like to call it my sexy voice, but too often my voice changes and I feel like I'm drowning. I sometimes wonder if it's got worse due to the stress of selling and moving here to Chapel St Leonards.

  • My voice is definitely hoarse and my throat is often dry I have bronchiectasis not COPD I've never known why though...I know some inhalers can cause this but even when I've not taken mine it's still the same? Could it be from coughing so much I wonder?

  • Hi Knicho, thanks for your reply. I don't suffer from a dry throat, in fact the opposite. I do find that I have quite a build up of mucus daily though. As for coughing, I haven't coughed daily for many months now, which pleases me due to stopping smoking nearly 2 years ago. I think I'll book in at my doctors to see what the root of this hoarseness is. Thanks again for your interest.

  • My voice has become much deeper over the past few years, since before I was prescribed inhalers and diagnosed with COPD. I can almost do a Fenella Fielding in Carry On Screaming now (but sadly not the figure!)

  • Mine too Ergendl, I'm sick of being called Mr on the phone. When I correct them, I don't know who's the most embarrassed, them or me haha. xx

  • Inhalers I have found dont do our throats a favour xx

  • I had a feeling they don't help our throats, thanx

  • I alway have drink water when i used inhaler or been on nebulizer Helps a bit

  • Hi Collington,

    Always good to get feedback so we can all share.

    Over the last 5 days I've been gargling on salt water 3 times a day. Morn, lunch and evening. Such a difference, but I know I must continue with this for a positive result. Better trying something rather than nothing.

    I hope that things are working out for you too.

  • Barry,hi.

    I use two inhalers and I'm told to rinse my mouth after I use them. Apparently this will prevent thrush developing in your throat



  • Hi i heared that can cause thrush so i drink water dont want anything else

  • Hi Barry - you can read plenty of history on hoarse voice in 'related posts' to the right of your original post - usually it's caused by inhalers particularly steroid & powder. Worsened by oral steroids - apparently can weaken the muscles in the vocal cords causing hoarseness. Usually self righting after the course of oral. What inhaler are you on - Seretide diskus (powder) did it for me.

    It could be mucous I guess, worth a further discussion with the nurse or GP if it persists?

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm on Formotrrol and ventilin. I always thought these could be problematic

  • Ah - Formoterol doesn't contain steroid, nor Ventolin. Still, from the patient leaflet:

    "Less serious side effects may include:

    dizziness, anxiety, headache;

    sleep problems (insomnia);

    back pain, muscle cramps;

    sore throat, dry mouth, cough, stuffy nose;

    skin rash, itching; or

    changes in your voice."

    I had problems with Seretide high dose - but DON'T have problems with Formoterol... I don't think it's particularly effective on me either as it happens.

    While waiting to see GP/nurse you might try the things that may offer relief without the complications of additional drugs...gargle with a cup of hot salty water morning & last thing at night may help if its throat mucous; or netti pot if post nasal drip (I think you'd know tho'...) or both.. :) Good luck.

  • Really big thanks for your comments. I'll start with a salted mouth wash tonight.

  • Seretide made my skin think and brues badly off it know new one came out but am scared has had blood blisters i ha it 9 years

  • I too have the raspy voice to the point I have to excuse myself, mute my phone and cough violently to clear it. Often I can't finish a sentence so it is very disturbing, I am sure, for the listener. Inhaler and Coto steroids (advair) may be the root cause. Nasal runoff into the throat is another cause. Honey and lemon help very little but mucinex or something like it helps along with filtered water. I let the mucinex melt in my mouth, then small shallows with water. Annoying and not sexy at all.

  • I've been mouth washing with strong salt water and think this might be a positive result for me. No doubt, lets see how I feel in about a month.

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