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BOOM .. Done Being Glum IT's TIME To Brake OUT The Spandex Body Suit

BOOM .. Done Being Glum IT's TIME To Brake OUT The Spandex Body Suit

Yup WE are talking about SUPERHEROE's :)

Not me of of curse BUT Hollywood & Lung Disease.

But we only HAVE to look closer to home to see how TV and Documentries portray those lung diseased.

Clearly few don't like term diseased BUT thats what a long term condition is CHRONIC is how we try to carry on daily.

So was nice to see organisations TALKING writing about the Role of Hollywood & Tv in Lung Disease Awareness.

Clearly its good job there is superheroe's raising lung dieases awarness COZ am to ill to brake out the spandex body suit :)

Enjoy link read ... this nothing like superhero to cheer you up.

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'The Fault in our Stars' was on TV recently and I watched it, just because, Hazel Grace ( the female of the teenage couple), is on O2, throughout the movie. I missed the beginning but from where I turned on, she either carried her O2 in a wheely bag that she pulled along behind her or a cylinder in a backpack. It was great to see this scenario in a movie and a hugely popular movie at that. I just assumed it was because she had a lung disease but both her and her boyfriend had cancer. I agree with the article that it's a shame lung disease isn't featured in more movies/TV shows etc. Fictional representations of lung disease would raise the profile and encourage people to look at it as sympathetically as they look at cancer.


Hi thanks for reply defo agree more should be done or seen.

I remmber watching program and lady said its amazing how those lung diseased can easy spot others when out about.


Hi there JeffAjaxSmith and hope both you and your Dad are doing as well as can be expected?

Sorry but Super Human Superstars or SiFi films like Star Trek weren't in my top ten lists but reading your link and also Billiejeans reply it is good to know such as SuperHumans are still needing oxygen and apparently using our old fashioned methods!!


Hi :) o i don't have such super powers eather.

Think i would miss my granny naps to much GUESS am lucky :)

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Dammit Jeff from the title I thought you were posting a pic of yourself in gold lurex spandex. You big tease 😂,


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