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Diagnosis ?

Why do I not get diagnosis & plan of action with PAH only revealing on implantation of a Reveal heart device not revealing the comotosing on eating daily & heart failure symptons like the holter monitors or are they prioritising . I am frightened won't wake up and am solo & they pretend do not have Telecare .

Yet had an MI with classic breathing problems & lipo-lymphoedema & has taken 3 yrs to get diuretics meanwhile it has turned into lipo-lymphoedema for which Gloucestershire has no provision ,not even in Primary Care.

Have they not heard of research from square one not a tier system with no access or accessing your records when you die of neglect [ Watchful Waiting !} 'Does anyone get lovely lady ' written in their incompetent reports with no conclusions or follow up .Is it code .I suspect it is as now the Dentist doesn't want the risk .

Without acupuncture I would be pulling my hair out??!!

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Would like to help but you do seem to have quite a bundle of problems. I think doctors always struggle with 'multifactorial' patients. PAH=Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension? That was the only condition I recognised in your post. There are specialist (tertiary) centres for that and you should be referred to your nearest one. Please tell us a little more about your history.

All the best



skybluepink nice to meet you. Quick intro on myself,55yr old female, COPD 29%lung capacity, 24/7 oxygen therapy, PAH,depression etc,etc.

Like Katinka46 says, if you could give us some more history,we may be able to pass on some advice or possibly some actions you could start to get better assessed etc? Only a friendly thought.


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