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Come along to our free event to find out more about bronchiectasis


Hi everyone,

This June, you're invited to attend Medicine and Me, a totally free event in London for people with bronchiectasis, as well as their friends and family. It's held in conjunction with the Royal Society of Medicine and Bronch UK.

Reserve your spot on Friday 16 June by emailing, or call 020 7290 3846

You can find the programme and more information at

We appreciate that central London isn’t great for everyone. We’re holding it there as the Royal Society of Medicine have kindly agreed to host it in their offices. For those who can’t make it, we’ll also be recording the presentations on the day, and they’ll be available online shortly after the event. So keep an eye out for the link.

Best regards,


BLF Admin

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Look forward to seeing video :)

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Yes, same here Hidden - we'll post the link as soon as we get it :-)

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Cheers be great stuff WAS reading this loads types of bronchiectasis .

Needless to say i stoped reading as was very little posative news JUST mucus clearance.

cofdrop-UK in reply to Hidden

Jeff there is so much more positive stuff going on now than there ever was, not just info on mucus clearance, although we both know mucus clearance is the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

In my 68 years with ncfb there has been very little until very recently by way of trials or funding specifically for ncfbronch. BLF are working hard to raise our profile and funding to their credit. There is a lot of EU money too going to ERS by way of EMBARC for trials specific to cf and trials specific to ncfb. Not sure how this will pan out in the long term re Brexit but in the short term things are going ahead as planned. Believe me the consulants involved are very collaborative and proactive and I believe they will continue to work hard on our behalf.

So please don't feel dispondent hun.


Thank you so much Ben for co-organising this important event. I won't be able to come but I would have absolutely loved to. Thank you for the agenda. Great to see you have some excellent consultants and physio speaking.

We too have been informed there is no international evidence re cross contamination from bronch to bronch, but what in any evidence that is based on nobody has ever told us and we have also been told that it doesn't mean it could never happen.

Two of us, patient reps, came away from congress last year and we both ended up on IVs. So needless to say we are not convinced. Good idea to ask people not to attend if they feel they are brewing an infection.

I look forward to seeing the videos and thank you and BLF again.


HiddenAdministrator in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thank you very much for your reply cofdrop-UK - we really appreciate your comments.

We will let you all know as soon as we have further information after the event! :-)

Best wishes,


I unfortunately won't be able to attend and look forward to the video. The agenda looks very interesting.

I went to the meeting there along with three other members two years ago - one of whom came all the way from Cornwall, one from Kent Coast, one from South Coast (little ole me on the tube).

Wonderful that you're organising one regarding bronchiectasis 👍👍👍👍 thank you. P

Sohara in reply to peege

One from Herts? :) :) the best part of the day was making such lovely friends there, and it was a really interesting afternoon

peege in reply to Sohara

Oh goodness, I thought you lived near the South Coast! My bad 😘😘. And I agree, was brilliant to meet you three. Pret et Manger nearby!

Do you think you might go go to this Bronch one Sohara ? XX

I would love to go if only to meet friends again BUT I have a lunch with friends booked for that day & is been cancelled before so don't want to cancel it again. But if something does happen to that I will definitely come 😀😀😀

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