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What a day! I already had a routine appointment with the GP but woke up with atrial fibrillation so appointment was well timed. First time for 2 years. Because of my very complicated medical history he wasn't sure what he could do, couldn't alter the drugs as most are at the top dose already. After some discussion he said I really needed to go to hospital but he wanted to send me, by ambulance, to the Royal Gwent in Newport. I wasn't keen as I am being treated at Southmead in Bristol. Complication is that he works in Wales and I live in England. He can't choose but I can, but he wasn't sure whether he could send an acutely ill patient to an English hospital. We compromised by his giving me all my notes, including a letter from my cardiologist which I had not seen before, and my husband taking me to A & E at Southmead. So in we went, and I had excellent care, but the duty doctor called my consultant just to let him know, and he came down to talk to me. The upshot of this is that I am booked in for an urgent cardioversion, that I discovered that they are not sure what to do for the best, that I am a therapeutic challenge, and that the consultants don't agree on the best way forward. The cardiologist thinks I should continue the original dose of dronedarone because it works, the respiratory physician wants me to stop it because he is sure it has worsened my lung condition. Cardiologist is going to hurry things up and see what is possible. My lungs are worse than my heart, but the original congenital problem I had is worse too and they are not sure what effect that will have. One thing they all agree on, thank goodness, is that I am lucky to be alive and they would quite like to keep it that way. So do I, especially when my gorgeous grandson rushes to hug me with a beaming smile. My husband sons and daughters in law are pretty good too and I feel blessed. The biggest downside is that we have had to cancel our May holiday to Lanzarote with my brother, but he is going to come and stay here for a week instead. I feel blessed that I am still here and plan to enjoy what I can.

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  • Hi carnival you sure have a lot going on and I am glad that you have a good team behind you your little grandson sounds a joy .I am sorry that you have had to cancel your holiday but pleased your brother is coming to see you sending best wishes to you

  • Thank you. I hope you are feeling better.

  • Wow... what a story. I so admire your attitude, resilience and courage. Although there is a lot of head scratching and discussion between the consultants at least there does seem to be genuine care and concern. I do hope things progress well.

    So glad about the grandson, don't they make a difference?

    Love and hugs

    Kate xx

  • Thank you for your support. It has made a lot of difference being able to tell people who understand. The weird thing is I don't actually feel particularly ill, just 'off colour' as my mother used to say. It helps having found a good hospital who seem to care. xx

  • In and amongst all the other things you have I seem to remember that you have Obliterative Bronchiolitis. And I think we have chatted about that in the past. But with all the other stuff going on it is just one of many nasties.

    Wonderful woman. We need your spirit.

    K x

  • I have indeed got OB as well. What my cardiologist actually said was: she does, I'm afraid, present an extremely difficult therapeutic problem. What my family say is that I was born awkward and have been awkward ever since! Just like to keep everyone on their toes. Thank God for friends and ready meals.

  • Hi Carnival567 It must be very worrying when your Consultants don't know the best way forward With your treatment. At least they are talking together so will hopefully be able to come up with a good course of treatment to help you.

    I'm sorry that your holiday has had to be cancelled but it sounds like you have a lovely family around you for support.

    I admire you for having a positive attitude and coping so well under difficult circumstances.

    Take care.


  • Thank you. It is disappointing to have to cancel the holiday but life is more important. We live in a beautiful part of the country, we are fortunate that we can afford things we need, we have a lovely family and a daft puppy! Both my consultants have said I am lucky to be alive, if not in so many words. Lot to be said for that. xx

  • I truly hope that whatever happens it is the very best thing for you. Thinking of you and your wonderful family. Take care xxxx

  • My goodness Carnival, what a lot you're having to deal with, and quite admirably if I may say so!

    You are very fortunate to have a great team looking after you and I hope that all goes well.

    With very best wishes to you. Pam XXX

  • I admire your fortitude, Carnival, wonderful! My very best wishes.

  • Hoping for the very best of outcomes for you, I admire your spirit - if anything is dependant on that, you'll be fine!💐

  • Thank you all so much for your support, it means a great deal. Poor husband has just shut himself away to deal with the holiday cancellation. We shall have to think of something else to do. xx

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