How can you tell where the mucus is coming from ??

Hi as some of you know I have been struggling with massive mucus problems, I apparently have reflux as well as copd , I know this next bit is gross so sorry in advance, when asked by my docs where do I think it comes from I can't really say all I know is I feel the pressure building and it then comes up to back of my nose/throat to start expelling I hack or put the fingers down my throats and the floodgates opens it literally pours up , I was at it for 7 hours yesterday totally draining me. Any help please xx

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  • Hi

    Not. Sure of a suitable answer, but bit concerned that putting fingers down your throat, this will empty stomach contents as opposed to mucus discharge. With will cause more harm than good.

    Members use saline solutions with success, posture drain is another.

    Some members will come up with some tried and tested methods to help you.

    Some reading for you.

  • Hi stone thanks for replying appreciate it, this is why I get so confused because it's as if I'm trying to get a square peg through a round hole when I start wretching it all up but even if I have not long since eaten something that food never comes up ! Which you would think because I am putting fingers down to wretch the stuff out my food would follow, once I've cleared loads of it however I get a slight taste of the food I've eaten and horrid burps then the pressure in my chest/stomach is lessened it's so awful and embarrassing , I've tried some of the techniques houghing etc, but I rarely cough , I try and ignore the feeling and hope I just swallow it from the back of my throats but if I ignore for too long my main airway feels compromised, my resp nurse just says I'm a conundrum, but that doesn't really help me,thanks x

  • Hi, you don't think it could be Post Nasal Drip, so you?

    I used to bring up loads of mucus, but, it came from my stomach.

    The mucus was running down the back of my throat and making me cough night and day. So, just a suggestion. xx

  • Hi Casper yes I do think it is PND and reflux which I turn affects the copd is yours under control now x

  • Mine suddenly started 11 years ago. I was the same nasal spray for it and it was under control for a few years, with the odd flare ups.

    Then, last year, it flared up, out of control. It was embarrassing and exhausting. I was coughing and spitting all day, coughing and spitting all night. The doctor changed my nasal spray and Antihistamines and it gave me the worse facial sinus pain I'd had in years so, I just stopped the spray. I thought if I'm going to be this bad with medication, it can't be any worse without it.

    It's been 95% better. dry heat and stress, are my main triggers. I think the original nasal spray was rebounding.

    Spring and Summer, might flare it back up, I'll just have to wait and see. xx

  • Hi Casper, I know that's the worst of it so embarrassing and degrading , what do u think made it 95 % better ? X

  • I honestly don't know. I think that taking the nasal spray daily, for so many years, it started rebounding and just stopped working.

    In the last couple of days I have noticed a slight increase in pnd and one nostril keeps dripping a bit, probably the spring pollen, so I am restarting the antihistamines onlyxx

  • Have you been taught the Huff cough? You can normally tell if the mucus is in the upper or lower part of the lung by when you hear the rattle/wheeze. When you blow out the later the wheeze starts indicates how low down the mucus is. Obviously blow your nose clear that etc before doing this. Are you on a mucus thinning medication because this can help. Sticking your fingers down your throat is going to make your reflux much worse.

  • Hi bad Bessie,it does come from very low down that's why I'm not sure where it's coming from stomach or throat, you could be right using my fingers could be making it worse though. X carol

  • Muscus does run with Reflux I have the same problem blooming horrid ,It most likely is post nasal drip which runs with reflux to, I also get a one sided sore throat and it affects my copd I have just had a endoscopy has the GP was baffled why I was and am feeling like this I get anxiety to which then makes the reflux problems worse ,My endoscopy results were acid reflux they have started me on a new pill I just hope it helps xx

  • Hi, do you sometimes have days where you are spending hours ! Bringing the stuff up sometimes I just can't believe the quantity, I hope the tablets work for you I really do it's so disabilitating, which tablets are they trying you on , I've had a few different ones for reflux up to now not much joy 😞 They have also tried me on antihistamines too n no joy xx

  • Esomeprazole 40mg x

  • Hi, well that's one I haven't tried would you let me know how u get on with it good luck xx

  • I will. Can I ask what preventer inhaler you are on I have found my reflux has become a lot worse since I was put on to Fostair and my anxiety x

  • I've been on a few prevent inhalers at present I'm on a non steroid one called ultibro but only been on it a couple of months and can't say it's anything very different or better , god I hate this damn disease it robs u of everything, sorry just having a poor evening with breathlessness so not a happy bunny, lol x, I'm going to see a professor of reflux on 13/4/2017 I've been waiting to see him for nearly a year apparently he knows all there is to know about reflux so I'm praying he can help x

  • Thatisthe tablet and dosage I am taking twice a day and it works for me. Good luck.

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