What would you do??

What would you do in my shoes, My uncle is now on a 50/50 morphine, diazapam pump as he is slowly passing away but he now has 2 infections running through him he is also in a private room and on a face mask for oxygen. I want to say goodbye but I am also wary of picking up an infection any advice?? My own COPD is severe but I am really healthy right now!!

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  • Hi

    Speak to the hospital staff iam sure they will help you.

  • Thank you stone. x

  • I agree with stone, the staff should be able to advise you. How sad for you to know your uncle is passing away. Thinking of you and him. Xxxx

  • I am so sorry for the situation this horrible illness as put you in. I am sure that your Uncle would understand any decision you came too regarding visiting him, Perhaps you should think on what your uncle would want. I am sure in many ways he would not want you to risk your health.

  • Hi sorry to hear about your nucle. I used to work in a hospital as a domestic. When we went in to a side room. We had to put on a apron and mask and use the hand sanitiser befor we entered the room. Maybe the nurses would allow you to do that.

  • I saw him last Monday but he was awake and alert the doctors said he didn't have any infections but he now has 2 maybe I will just stay outside his room and say goodbye from there. Thanks guys I'm glad I asked its hard to stop & make a rational decision today. x

  • It must be very difficult. Thinking of you. XXX

  • I hope you find an answer. It must be hard for you. And I hope especially that your Uncle is peaceful. Take care of yourself. Sue x

  • I agree with Stone. Take care😊 xx

  • Yes I agree with stone think the hospital will advise you best . So sorry about your uncle xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear your uncle is passing away. You've had some very sound advise. Trust your heart you will know what to do. Thinking of you Nan

  • When my husband was dying he got an infection but none of the family caught anything. I have COPD. Isn't your Uncle on antibiotics? As Stone says the staff will know.

  • Thanks folks, I went up to visit this evening & luckily it was one of my nurses from when I was on the ward recently she was lovely and told me just to go ahead. He looked peaceful don't think it will be long now.

  • When my son had a life-changing motorcycle accident the hospital advised that the minimum number of people visited him to reduce the risks of infection. From a large group of friends (30+) only two visited and "reported back". It was difficult explaining to them that we didn't want them all visiting but, to our surprise, they were absolutely fine and understood.

    Maybe, if explained to your uncle, many would be surprised at how understanding he might be - if I were close to the end I would prefer to go knowing that I'd not put anyone at risk.

    I'm sure you will do the right thing for you/him whatever that might be.

    Best wishes

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