My heads done in

Been having quotes for stair lifts all week doing my head in .Its not straight forward because to get to bottom stair would need a curved which would have to start round the corner and go on inside wall would be easier and a lot cheaper to get straight lift .I would need to go up 2 steps then on small landing where chair would sit .At the moment would be no problem but wonder how long it would be before I couldn't manage them any one have or had same problem grateful for any input .

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  • Hope you can get good advice for your dilemma and get something sorted soon. Good wishes to you.

  • I do hope so fingers crossed thanks

  • stair lifts can be very expensive although I understand they are fitted in one day. Do you have a down stairs loo I often think that is a great help and that they can be cheaper to install I know you still have to go up stairs to get to bed but its better than going up every time you need the loo

  • Unfortunately no downstairs loo or anywhere to fit one the hospital gave me a commode but no where in house for it it is in the shed and there lies another nightmare we have decorators coming to do stairs passage and landing later this week so will have to be downstairs early and use the shed I am dreading it

  • I'm sorry having to use a shed have you thought about contacting the council we have a support person for people living at home who need help.

    She went to see mom and offered her grab rails walk in shower or she might recommend the council find you suitable housing flat or bungalow.

    I'm sure when all this work is done you will be released

  • It's our own house and over the threshold for any help I wish we were in council property would be able to swap house for flat

  • it doesn't mean the council won't help you its worth a phone call

  • One of my daughters contacted a local housing association. Re bungalow or flats to rent whilst I was in hospital after a hip op and was told we would qualify even though we own our own home. They gave us. A membership number and we can check availability on line and place a bid for up to 3 suitable in an area we want. Not bid on anything yet, big decision not ready for just yet. Worth checking out with your local housing association.

  • Hi T2D, It sounds as though it would be complicated (and expensive) to fit a lift all the way up your stairs, & would be very intrusive in your hallway. I don't have experience of this, but would like to suggest - perhaps you shouldn't worry about what might (but might NOT) happen in the future? As you gain in confidence with your O2 & start going out more, you may be able to get a little exercise and could well actually improve your breathing. Envisage a scenario where you're able to manage those first 3 steps for many years to come. You could start with upper body exercises right now! I think you worry far too much about the future, that's what's doing your head in :)

  • Thank you Hanne I am becoming very insular and must admit to being chair bound I get out of bed and sit in the chair scared to move go to bed early lay awake get up late and it starts all over again If I do attempt anything wash a few pots breathless and sats go down I must admit to being frightened of stair lifts but can't see other option it Definitley would be intrusive to have a curved .I think I need to see them in action 😳

  • I came here to share my thoughts and found Hanne has already said it all. It would be so much easier and cheaper for you now to have the straight chairlift fitted. At the moment those first two steps are manageable for you and I think once you have your chairlift and can go up and downstairs whenever you want to, you will be much happier and less stressed. I'm sure better fitness will follow for you.

  • Three steps including landing it would be less intrusive and cheaper just concerned that I won't be able to manage for long and then have to get the curved I know I think to much

  • A psychologist once advised me to "press the Stop button on that disaster video playing in your head". She pointed out I could get to be an old lady and the things I was worrying about might never have happened. Then I'd look back down the years & bitterly regret all the time I'd wasted & the happiness I'd squandered - for me and my family - with my needless worry. Best advice I ever had! Don't go there my love.

  • Thank you Hanne for your frankness and kindness something to ponder on x

  • Hanne has beaten me to it again! :-)

    I don't want to dismiss your worries, as I can see the thought of not being able to manage those steps is frightening for you, but I have to agree that you are thinking too much about what might never happen. Please do what is best for you today and try not to worry so much about the future. As has been said once you are more confident about moving around you will be able to do more and you will definitely feel fitter.

    At the moment you have to climb the whole flight of stairs to go to bed, but you manage it, so you obviously have a lot of determination. Please use that determination and decide to get your stairlift. Don't be frightened of it. It will change your life for the better.

    Of course it is your decision, but I really think you won't regret it.

    Best of luck, Jan :-)

  • Hi, I installed a straight stairlift as we too have a curve at top. It is now 5years later and I can manage the two steps at top fine. None of us know how we will feel in the future just help yourself now. I have never regretted installing the lift but if you want to see one in action phone your Age concern office and ask if they have a stairlift you can see. I did this and it helped me to decide what I needed. Good luck Maximonkey

  • Thanks my curve is at the bottom 2 stairs and a small landing it is a big decision isn't it I am pleased you can still manage stairs good idea to see in action I have been laying here in bed all night worrying over it what I am also concerned about is how I would manage liquid oxygen on lift 🍾

  • Hi Time-2-drink, yes I can see oxygen would be a worry, however, can't you speak to GP about having oxygen upstairs as well as downstairs, or is this too easy? Don't lie there and worry, be proactive and see GP, speak to her/him about the stairlift and oxygen, I am sure the GP will help you. No-one wants you to have an accident trying to manage with heavy objects and a stairlift. Phone Age Concern and find out where you can see a stairlift and try it out. If they cannot help they will steer you in the right direction. If you are worried about the money they will also advise you. Good luck and take care. Maximonkey

  • I have concentrator in bedroom and living room but need to use my ambiltory liquid for getting upstairs

  • Yes I do ambulatory for walking and two concentrator for doing jobs round house. Sam

  • What do you use on your stairlift please sam

  • Don't you use oxygen

  • Do you use oxygen on your stairlift is it ambultory or do you have concentrator with long lead I have asked for longer leads but not allowed thanks

  • I do not use oxygen, however, my mother did and we successfully got oxygen on both floors. Hope you too can arrange for oxygen on two floors. Take care Maximonkey

  • I have on both floors but do not have long leads and provider won't sanction them thanks

  • I found Stanah the best quick efficient same day repair only 2 new batteries needed after 3 years. sam

  • Thank you sam

  • Do you have oxygen how do you manage it on stairlift

  • No I don't have to use it on stair lift. Sam

    ps if you do

    , can you use your ambulatory one on the stair lift Sam

  • I have the liquid for ambultory wondering how I would manage it

  • My liquid oxy tank is a 'half marathon ' NHS you can manage that on a stair lift. Perhaps your pulmonary nurse could help. Sam

  • Thanks for your help

  • You need as little stress in your life as is possible and although a hard thing to do, you may benefit from selling up and getting a ground floor flat. It would take away a lot of worry.

  • I know but so much wants doing in house and to be honest I don't think either of us is up to the upheaval house is full to the rafters with stuff

  • There is always help available, you only need to reach out to make it happen. You should endeavour to improve your quality of life and sometimes that means making tough decisions.

  • I have a Stannah stairlift, with a curve at the bottom. (We found that all four quotes we had from different companies were very similar.) The curved part ‘slots in’ to the straight part that goes up the stairs, so if you can’t afford to have a curved part at present, you could ask the provider you choose if a curved part could be added in the future if you then cannot manage the first two stairs. It is sensible to plan for the future.

    On a positive note, going up two stairs will keep your leg muscles tuned up a bit.

    I have static oxygen concentrators downstairs and upstairs (I sleep with oxygen) each with a long lead. I turn off the concentrator downstairs, put on my small ambulatory oxygen cylinder to walk to the chairlift, turn if off when I am on the stairlift and turn it on again at the top so I can walk to the upstairs concentrator. Sound complicated, but it isn’t at all.

  • I sleep with it as well don't understand why I can't have longer lead I also asked if I could have small cylinder probably would have been safer than carrying liquid upstairs but told no

  • We were told by all company's that to put a curved one on wall side wouldn't work because there is not enough clearance for the arm of the hinged track with front door being so close to the stairs The slide track won't work with a curve so my options are have a curved fitted on interior side but have to go round a corner or get a straight and walk the two stairs onto small landing so I have a dilemma

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