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Browsing History LUNG Diseased

Hot spring days FULL of the joys of spring LIKE new born lamb.

Then you remember how diseased you are and just like those new spring lambs that are cut down in our prime WE come crashing down to reality.

So i would share my browsing history NOT very scandalous BUT i was looking at bargain of cement mixer THINKING how great would be to be ok.

Then i was looking at sequin and cloths tag guns for my next big project.

The things you do on these hot spring days.

O and i nearly forgot IF you want to keep WASP out of your house PUT a pine cone hanging from door or on window ledge.

Apparlty wasps hate them AND last summer i did such a thing and never had one wasp in my house or where i sleep :)

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I will not be purchasing a cement mixer but thanks for the tip about keeping wasps out. :)


Will try your tip about keeping wasps out. Thanks😊 xx


Wasps are horrible things so will take your advice. Pete liked eBay for his model toys especially buses. Xxxx

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Hi sassy defo worked for me pine cones :)

I only went to shed last year and wasp went right up vest and stung me on belly.

I tried to stay calm or think shock would killed me.

Are horrid :o

I flip from ebay to amazon looking for bargains.

Needless to say i have room full of ebay buys gone wrong.

Try to buy stuff only need BET ya glad pete only collects model buses


Yes JAS but it's funny how he finds room for more and more......floor to ceiling now! Xxxx

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Sounds like this room for 1 more :)

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Don't come crashing down - it's not just any old spring, it's ANOTHER spring and the sun's shining AGAIN. Tomorrow it will be the fifth anniversary of my op' (oesphageal cancer) - I'm counting my blessings, why don't you join me. Btw, I have pine cones but the wasps don't seem to mind - they still visit 🙁


We had a bee's nest in the loft last year do you have any tips for them

Yes, leave well alone if not coming into living space.

We had bumble bees in an air brick a few years back, many coming into kitchen but managed to get most out of the window, the others headed for wife's liquid candle and drowned. Is there any known connection between XX chromosome and cushions and candles?

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I'm not sure we were told to leave the nest as no other bees would use a old nest

I meant only to leave the bees alone. If they have left then yes you can clear away old nest. Not reusing old nests would avoid build up of diseases and fungals.

The sequins sound interesting - not sure about the cement mixer 😳

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I need one for flies! They drive me nuts, dirty things all over your food if you're not careful too. I've had to resort to those old sticky fly papers my nan used lol!


My cat deals with anything that flys but is been saved from wasp but still finds them in the garden.

Are rank them fly papers BUT the do thing that looks like air freshener that works well.

Cement mixers and sequins?? You never cease to surprise me, Daz 😄


O cement mixer was is bargain really BUT is bulky :)

Sequins going to try my hand at signs and art.

Hopfully will help me stop smoking.


Aha...sequins as a distractant. I hope it works for you too. Now what about the cement mixer?


I use to make concrete fountains.


Well, that was another surprise. Do you sell them?

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Use too .. but that's going back a tad now.

I've learnt more about you in a couple of days than in the last 3 years! Stockings, viagra, sequins and cement certainly have variety in your life, Daz!!

I hope your dad is doing well now xx


Wish stockingswas not one of them lol.

Dads doing ok but he spends most is days lay down.

Is heart braking really BUT we still have a laugh togeather.

I often wonder what he must think about with whats going on.

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Thanks for tip on wasps one time had a nest in our garden had to pay about 80 pound to get rid of it horrible things 😙

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