Handheld fev1 device

Hi all,

Just a quick question to those who use a handheld device to monitor their own fev1 levels. What device do you use/recommend? (preferable available to buy in uk)

I used to just use the nSpire Piko 1 Hand held Peak flow Meter see here: ssemmthembu.co.za/index.php...

Had it for about 3 years but went and dropped it so looking for a new one or something similar, any recommendations? ;-(

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  • Hi

    If you have a iPhone or iPad

    Look at


    The information was in BLF pinned post appears to have been removed.

    Not sure if can be used on any other smart phone.

    It matched my last test at my annual review.

    You can take up to five test.

    Found it.


  • They sell Microlife ones on amazon but i havnt bought my own so cant suggest one sorry

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