Depression an copd

Hi everyone, I'm David 46yrs with copd. Had X-ray 5yrs ago and doctor z my lungs wer enlarged. All I been taking since then is my inhaler with tablet inside an now they cut it down becos I ain't stop smoking. I also have depression and sleep disorder I sleep all day an up all night, don't drink an I find it calms me down when I have fag. Been like this for 5yrs after my brake up with my partner after 17 yrs. I'm a grandad as well now to a beautiful granddaughter an it feels great. Hope I ant bored u all becos it's made me feel bit better talking even when it feel like I ain't talking to anyone only typing. Feels like I could type all night got loads to say, but I save it for another nite. Bye ev1

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Hello David.

Welcome. It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry to hear that you have copd and depression. Not being able to sleep properly just makes the breathlessness worse.

I have heard from people how hard quiting smoking is. I sympathize with you. I think there is a quit smoking group here too if you are interested.

I am also sorry to hear about your break up. Your granddaughter must be lovely. How old is she?

I didn't find your post boring at all. I hope you will let us know how you get on.

Take good care.

Cas xx ๐ŸŒธ

Welcome David,

It's good to share with other people. It usually makes you feel better. I've read that depression can cause insomnia. Are you taking anything for the depression? I quit smoking many years ago and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I can't imagine being able to quit when you are sleep deprived and depressed. Your granddaughter sounds lovely. I hope things improve for you soon. Please let us know how you are doing.


ev1s nice ty, granddaughter is 1yr now an my son FaceTime me most days be4 her bed time to wave night . By the way I'm new to this been member for while but didn't post anything becos didn't really know if I should, but glad I had, ty ev1 for replies x

Hi David, lovely to meet you,ease did worry about moaning on it does us good to have a good rant every so. If you can stop smoking it would be great, but only when you ate ready. Post as often as you want and have a moan too, we all do it from time to time Lol. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š xx Bernadette

Hi David, I remember reading a leaflet once, when I was first diagnosed with asthma then COPD, which said that the lung condition can often go hand in hand with depression and anxiety. It's can be tiring as well when breathing is difficult.

The BLF has a helpline which is open during the working week for UK residents...03000 030 555. I think that's right. They can offer advice.

I have enlarged lungs too, and lots of chest infections......I am in the middle of one now and it's really got me down this time. But I have my medication and inhalers so onwards and upwards.

Has your GP suggested any help about the smoking or any talking therapies.

I have some short videos of my baby granddaughter playing and laughing and I watch those to cheer myself up, but I will see her later today.

Please post when ever you need to, there is usually someone here day or night , and we have members nearly all over the world.

Take care.

Depression and anxiety are very common side effects of major illness whatever it is. It is also something that doctors often overlook. Please go and talk to your doctor and get some help, and if they offer antidepressants don't be afraid to take them. You might find counselling helpful too. I hope you are feeling better soon. xx

Try taking melatonin for sleep I have the same problem and take one in the morning and one at night seems to help but know I need to excersis more

Hi David seems you are trying to cope with to many things at once. Maybe as you get to see your grand-daughter and fall in love with her you will think seriously about giving up the smoking for the sake of her small lungs. Even the smell of cigarettes on your clothes can affect her. Maybe that would give you the incentive to stop. I know its not easy as I gave up some 13 years ago due to having COPD and it getting worse. Since giving up it has remained stable so well worth it. Do please give it a go. Love gingermusic

Hi David - sorry to hear things are not so good with you. Sometimes I really don't want to do it but as soon as I exercise I feel happier so maybe it would be good to try that - will really help your lungs too! Good luck :)

I had insomnia for 11 years and would smoke most of the night. After quitting the second time, I realised that it was the smoking that mainly caused my insomnia. I thought it was depression but clearly it wasn't in my case. After 3 months of quitting first time round, I started sleeping much better. When I had a brief relapse and smoked again and the insomnia came back. So I quit again and for good. Wishing you happiness and good health x

Hello Daved & welcome ๐Ÿ˜Š

ty for all the replies its nice to know we all can help others. I will keep posting an ty all for making my 1st time feel good x

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