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Help needed


My name is Stefan im 34 years old from uk. In the last 3 months i was felling tired and breathless all the time after lots of negative tests i finally end up doing a hrct that shows lung inflammation he said there is no permanent damage my doctor put me on 30 mg/ day prednisone but din't give a clear diagnostic. I'm simply desperate i fave a 7 month old daughter i need to find a way to keep going. Are any other ways to treat this sort of disease...Any advice will be in shock now.Thank you

This was my doctor report:

On examination today chest was clear with vesicular breath sounds. . A CT scan performed demonstrates some very subtle groundglass changes in the lingula and right lower lobe. I note the bronchoscopy findings.

I have been able to reassure Mr stefan that he does not have pulmonary fibrosis. He would appear to have some minor inflammation possibly related to a hypersensitivity reaction to inhaled antigen .im having also a bad depression due to this problems

Anyone having this hipersensitivity pneumonitis? I quess it's what i have...any help will be welcomed

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Why guess what you have and worry yourself silly? If the doc is saying 'no permanent damage' I would feel relief. If you don't trust him maybe you could ask for a second opinion?


Thanks for the replay worried because the doctor didn't gave me a clear diagnostic ,and im felling worse each day.i thought maybe someone else been through this


Hi Stefan, please don't worry, do some daily exercise,eat healthy and make sure you drink plenty. Take a break when you feel tired or breathless,but otherwise enjoy life with your daughter you will be surprised hoe much better you will feel. Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. Take care have a lovely weekend.😊 xxx Bernadette


Thanks for the replay and positive attitude's what I should do unfortunately negative thoughts are coming to my mind constantly...have a good weekend too


Take good care of yourself and just enjoy your life. How lovely to have a baby daughter who must bring great joy. Do seek a 2nd opinion if you feel that's the best thing fir you. Have a good weekend. Xxxxx


Thanks for the good words...i think i got into a bad depression and i need to find my way out matter what disses i may have


What a lucky chap you are, no permanent damage and a beautiful youngster into the bargain. It's hard to get out of a black hole once you're in there but you need to work at it. The weather is lovely this weekend so why not take your daughter out for a walk in the fresh air? It will do you both good. I'm no expert but exercising to use your lungs more is good for you, set yourself targets doesn't have to be to much but you have to start somewhere. If you get tired rest but you must do something.

Even if you did have copd (which it looks like you've not) that's what would be recommended along with eating healthily.

I wish you well and give your daughter a big hug (when you get back from your walk) :)

Take care xx


Thanks for the nice words .It is exactly what I should do...unfortunately im stuck with the idea that i have a deadly disease (not confirmed by the dictors) and all my life is on hold

I will apply your advices for tomorrow hopefully i will have a better day.

Thank you so much for the good thoughts

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