Good Morning All hope you are all feeling much better as I hear that the weather in the UK has improved.

My question is that John has been struggling with his breathing for sometime and it seems nothing helps, i.e. all his inhalers, courses of antibiotics etc. but at last was given a sputum test ( difficult to do as he rarely brings any up). The result was he had a bacteria Enterobacter aerogenes and was given Cefuroxima. He has nearly finished the course and once again breathing has not improved. Where do we go from here does it sometimes take two lots to help.

Hope you all have a good and breath easy weekend. Carole

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  • Yes Carole, sometimes bugs need two courses (or more) of antibiotics. Please go back to your GP for help for John.

  • Thank you Mrs Mummy we will definitely do that if breathing does not get better, he only has 3 days left.

  • Maybe more antibiotics are needed at this time, also a change in meds when all cleared up.x

  • Thank you I am sure you are right

  • It sometimes foes take two lots, I'm sure you will be well again soon. Take care have a lovely weekend.let us know how he is doing. 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thank you Bernadette and have a good weekend yourselfxxx🍾🍸

  • Wishing you and dear John well and hope things improve very soon. Xxxx

  • Thank you so much sassy and hope that you and Pete are doing well. 😘🍸

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