Blood test to diagnose cancer

A blood test which can detect cancer and identify where it is in the body has been developed by scientists. It is simple enough to be included in routine annual health checks alongside other tests such as for high blood pressure or cholesterol. The research was published in the journal Genome Biology and is reported on in the Telegraph.

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  • Very interesting indeed. Fingers crossed it'll be available over here ASAP! Potentially saving the NHS millions

  • That sounds brilliant xx

  • Great news

  • That is interesting. Thanks for that. Xxxx

  • Very good news. Let's hope it not long before it is used in the uk.

  • That seems a promising step forward x

  • I wonder how long it will take to be available on the NHS? I bet Big Pharma will charge the earth to produce it.

  • Unfortunately they probably will, but hopefully NHS will spare no expense acquiring this, as in the long run I'm sure it could save them a lot of money, and more importantly lives.

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