Copd emphisima heart condition osteoporosis

I have all the above plus wheel chair bound epilepsy angina I get fed up someday as I take about 34 tablets a day plus three inhalers counting my blue reliever plus highest dosage for nebuliser four times a day had to buy a nebuliser machine as nhs don't give u one any more manage to get a bargain at lloyds chemist so if anybody looking for anything like that go online to preowed things sorry to go on but u get fed up sometimes

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  • Morning Keith, you have every right to feel fed up as illness can get you down. Please remember you are not alone and we are here for you.

    My husband takes lots of drugs but was fortunate enough to be given a nebuliser by the Royal Brompton in London. I'm glad you managed to buy one and it's a good idea to look online.

    Take care xxxx

  • Hi Keith welcome to our group. You have a lot to contend with, it must be very hard. Do you have support of a family, and/or neighbours? I hope so. We are like a family on here, and sometimes all we need is someone to listen. There is always a friend on here, so let it all out, without fear of critisism. Love Iris x

  • Hello Keith and welcome to the forum. Members on here do tend to have more than one illness and I am sure we will be able to offer the support you need. :)

  • Hi Keith. It's little wonder that you get fed up sometimes, most people would be fed up all the ******g time! Your life must be dominated by medical matters. But there's no need to confine your posting on here to that subject if you have something else to say. It's an essential to keep up our spirits and have a laugh, or even just a smile, now and then to help us deal with our problems. So never apologise about 'going on' because going on is what this group is all about. ;-)

  • To all who left a reply thank you from my heart and yes I have a wonderful wife and daughter plus rest of the family so hoping everyone is feeling okay what with what going on around the world speak to u soon guys have a nice day

  • I sympathise with you, I have congenital heart disease,,bronchiectasis, bronchiolitis obliterans, osteoporosis, atrial fibrillation, diverticulosis, and anything else you care to mention, use mobility scooter and/or wheelchair. Also have depression. Keep the aspidistra flying I say and try not to let it down. Try to think of positives rather than negatives, and concentrate on the good things, there still are many things however small. Try mindfulness, I am attending a very good course run by local mental health unit.Many blessings and try not to despair xx

  • Hello Keith, it's nice to meet you. Things can get pretty difficult at times but there are always people here who can understand and will try to support you.

    Sue x

  • Thank you sue x

  • Bless your heart Keith, you do have a plateful to contend with so don't apologise for having a bit of a moan - just spill it all here. Don is right - you'll find lots of us have a few conditions and this is the place for a smile, a laugh or a moan. A trouble shared.........!

  • Thank you dragonmum just had a off day like us all lol hope ur having a nice day been out with sunshine bring you a bit of happiness

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