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I joined last week. Love your sight. I'm an American but have learned more from you guys. I use oxygen most of time but do a lot of treadmilling. I love to keep moving and it took along time to get used to caring tank on my back.when you're told you're dying I've found a sweetness in day to day living I'm 66 and must make 5 years for my 50th wedding anniversary. What has. Been your experience with portable oxygen generators for distance travel.

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  • Hi, I'm not on oxygen, but I'm sure some people on here can help. Welcome to the forum and please keep posting. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Hi

    Depends on your flow rate, light weight portable are usually pulse delivery system.

    I have a Imogen G3 I use 4lpm standard battery gives 2hrs double battery gives 4hrs.

    Can be charged in car.

    Light weight ar 2.2 kg.

    The new version goes to 5lpm same weight.

    As I only use for Ambulitory, I have no need to use when driving or resting so in theory could be out all day.

  • Hello Babyjim . I wanted to say hello and welcome. I'm afraid I don't know an awful lot about portable oxygen generators but wish you a lovely trip and many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Best wishes to you.

    Cas xx 🌿🌻

  • Hi there, I find this forum fantastic.

  • I am also on oxygen 24/7 but I have travelled abroad to stay with my friend in Spain (from the UK) the airlines are very helpful.If I am at home and go out for the day and there is lots of walking involved i use a carrier that is on wheels especially made for carrying the cylinders . Like you I like to keep on the go I get out as much as possible and don't let anything stop me. So babyjim I think you have the right positive attitude and hope you get to your 50th anniversary. Hope this helps

    Love Sue

  • Hi Sue can I just ask how you get your oxygen when on holiday in Spain? Love Ruth

  • Hi Ruth I stayed in Murcia, I contacted Airliquide in Murcia and with my e111 card they supplied it free I had a very good service from them it always arrived at my destination 2 days before I got there, but unfortunately as we are about to leave the EU it will no longer be free will still be able to get it but I think it will be very expensive, I will make enquiries and post once I know. Hope this has helped you

    Love Sue

  • Hi gingermusic there's a lot of information on how to arrange oxygen in Spain on the Healthcare in Spain website here: healthcareinspain.eu/

    In particular, have a look at this page healthcareinspain.eu/visiti... - it lists the documents required and the forms that you'd need to fill in. The Spanish healthcare authorities normally need around 4-5 weeks notice in order to arrange everything, but it's a pretty efficient system from what we hear (generally).

    As Scud mentions, when the UK leaves the EU in a couple of years time, the arrangements around the EHIC (formerly E111) system will change, but for the immediate future, it's still very much worth using for trips to Spain and EU countries in general.

    Best wishes,


    BLF Helpline

  • Thanks Ben that is most helpful but I am very daunted when having to deal direct with a country when I cannot speak the language. It has proved very difficult in the past. I am more likely to want to visit the Canary Islands particularly Tenerife if I go abroad again.

  • Yes I understand that completely gingermusic

    I love the Canary Islands. Tenerife is beautiful!

  • Hi Babyjim. I'm not on oxygen., but I know you will get some good informative replies. And your very welcome. You sound a very positive guy. You will get to your 50th anniversary, and more. Take care. Maggie x

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