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Update to last night


matron been she wasn't concerned about my sats everything was so hectic didn't get a clear answer because they were normal today .She redone my bloods because markers slightly risen and also another sputum sample apparently they couldn't identify what they found in it normally seen in patients with cystic fibrosis but they think because it was transferred from a unsterile pot it could be a anomaly reduced air entry on right hand side crackling on left .She spoke to the Doctor who wants to wait until results back before given any more antibiotics because I have had 3 lots .She is talking about me having moraine patches or tablets I think I will try higher dose of oramorph first .While writing this matron just rang doctor coming to see me Friday. Thanks for all your messages

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Wouldn't advice increasing Oramorph without GPs instructions.

It's only used for breathlessness in small dosage.

It was the matron who said to put it up it is for my pain

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