I'm bring up huge amount of sticky mucus with hard parts. I'm trying to calm my lungs down by taking all the medications. But it is normal when you start taking medication to remove mucus for so much to be coming up. I'm on 10 mg predisone a pill I take at the plus a bottle of this stuff they gave me here.. It is normal or a sign my lungs are getting worse. My husband and I got into a heated disccuition about if it was normal after inflamed bronchial ..... is it normal to be coughing up mucus I feel that it is .. Can any one help me with this he wants me to go back to the Dr's here in Portugal but I think its part of the healing process

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  • Hello, it's normal to do this, you are getting rid of mucus which holds the germs that cause infection. If you are worried please get in touch with your GP. Let us know how you are. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • I thought so if the mucus is not moving it's not a good sign . Over in Portugal they gave me some meds but I have to phone back home to make sure I'm not overtaking any meds. thanks for your reply

  • I use a nebuliser with saline ampulets , and tablets called Carbocistien to thin my mucus which are prescribed by the doctor. but I also find ginger tea assists in easing the problem. I am assuming you are drinking plenty of water.

    Take Care


  • I too use carbacistien i also rub olbus oil onto my chest , try anything that helps!!! Its trial and error.

  • I found rubbing Vick into the souls of y feet and then wearing socks when I go to bed of great help.

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