Can anyone help mums oxygen is really low today and her heart rate has been up in the 100s today after speaking to her gp he said to keep an eye on her and ring 111 if needed she has been very sleepy today surely it's not right she's also been very blue around her lips she is already suffering from hypoxia as she refuses oxygen theirs no more they can do and mum refuses to go into hospital it's not right

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  • Hi,sorry to hear your mum is not doing so good, if you are really worried please call111, other than that I'm not sure what to say. Please let us know how your mum is doing. Take care xxx Bernadette

  • Thankyou I will but the doc doesn't seem to want to tell me anything x

  • Hello Chezzyy66 . I'm sorry it's a hard day. I can't give advice other than just keep her as comfortable as you can and like your doctor has said ring if you need an ambulance. I'm so sorry. *HUG*

    Cas xx

  • Chezzy my heart goes out to you sweetheart. You are in a catch 22 situation as your Mum doesn't want the interventions and she must have her reasons. Very hard for you Chezzy. You will have to go with your gut feeling I think. It must be hard as you must feel whatever you do will not be right but nobody could do more than you are. You are a wonderful daughter Chezzy.

    Love and hugs to you both.


  • Hi love, I'm sorry to hear your mum isn't doing so well. This is going to be a hard time for you and I bet you feel really helpless but you're not alone. We're here if you need us and we'll try and support you the best we can. The others are right, if you are worried or feel you can't cope ring and get some help. Your mum won't mind, she'll understand. You've done so well looking after her at home and been so strong right through this she must be really proud of you. She'll be getting tired now which is why she's sleepy, is she comfortable? if she is just let her sleep peacefully and just sit with her if you don't think she is ring for some help love.

    Have you got someone with you or someone you can ring who will come and stay with you?

    You need support too.

    I'll be thinking of you and your mum, big hugs from us all and remember, you're not alone.

    Take care xxx

  • Lack if oxygen and high pulse will make her exhausted hate ti say it but do you have a power of attorney for her health?

  • even with a power of attorney it is impossible to make some take oxygen if they don't want it. let us know how you are doing,will be thinking of you.

  • No... You can't force them to take oxygen but you could have an ambulance intervene.. There's laws(in some states) in the US that protect people from situations such as this. The law that gives them the right to die as they see fit.. That is if they're critically ill. I feel for you but in my experience( just buried my father in law last week) when someone is elder, been sick lots in their lives, are just tired.. let them be.. I know it's hard.. Best of luck to you and your mum.. Sarah

  • Bless you and your mum Chezzy, how difficult things are now. I doubt there is much the doctor can tell you so just see how your dear mum is and ring 111 if you feel the need to.

    Thinking of you and we are here for you. Xxxxxx

  • I'm really sorry y out mum is feeling so unwell chezzy xx

  • Greetings

    The lower your mum's SATs are, the harder her heart has to work to get the oxygen round her body; gradually, all her internal organs will shut down, just to keep oxygen going to her brain. Blue lips and fingernails are just a symptom of hypoxia: the bluer her skin, the lower her SATs. If your mum refuses oxygen - or going into hospital where they will put her on oxyen - there's not a lot you can do, sweetheart.

    Thinking of you, in your dilemma. I think I'd be tempted to just phone for an ambulance...



  • You and your mum having a really rough time I Can see you are in a terrible situation but you must do what you think is right for your mum hope she is sleeping peacefully xx

  • It's difficult for you both. I would still call emergency but if she won't go to hospital it's her choice if she's conscious I suppose. Hope you have someone with you at this time. Xx Mardi

  • I'm really sorry Chezzy. I can't add anything to what's been said. My feeling is that deep down you want to allow her to make her own choices, but she's your mum. Thinking of you lots. It's so hard for you. xxx 💐

  • So sorry you're in such a difficult position, you must be exhausted. Wishing the best for you and your mum. Please try and get some rest and if possible some support.

  • Hello Chezzy

    You are in an awfull situation and obviously we all feel very sorry for your mum and of course for you .

    Having followed​ your posts regularly and seen that you are so Very anxious and the stress you have with the situation

    It is clear that you have done all you can to help your mum by being a truly wonderfull daughter

    Best regards



  • Thank you xxx

  • Your very welcome​ wish i could help more


  • Are you ok sweetie?

  • I'm very emotional at the minute mums comfortable and asleep again her oxygen is low 72 but she is so pleasant in mood and very placid I just know what's coming but I'm takin every day as it comes xx

  • It's not very long since I went through this but we talked to mum, told funny stories and teased her. She wasn't responding but I'm sure she knew. It's all you can do love just make the most of the time you have, lovely for her and lovely memories for you. Big hugs for you both xxx

  • Thankyou mums responsive but just very tired but I suppose that's the low oxygen it's only been 77 the highest and 70 the lowest god knows wot it's doin to her organs as soon as she wakes up she is soon asleep again xxxx

  • It seems that your mom is at peace with her decision on her treatment- it is very difficult for you, but you are doing everything you possibly can- you are a wonderful daughter.

    Thinking of you both.

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