well just got home from a stay in hospital 4 days they said i had Respiratory failure and that i am not getting rid of carbon dioxide also that i should have a card and a braclet to imform medics that giving me to much oxyegen is not good because i am retaining carbon dioxide so only low levels of oxygen should be given can some one tell me where i can get one of these cards and braclet please


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41 Replies

  • Hi I would also liked to know how I get one, as I suffered respritory failure. Would be nice to know 😊 xx Bernadette

  • well the way the doctor said it to me i thought she was sorting the card and braclet because she said i want you to have these but nurse said i have to find them my self just think given how ill i was it would be good to let paramedics no not to over dose me on the way to A-E

  • Got mine on line Medic Alert

  • Any pharmacy has details about them.

  • Thank you 201251 so many things to look up now

  • You can get a Medic Alert bracelet on line give them all the information there is a toll free number they can call. They have all the meds you take and what you tell them you need plus what family to contact if you can't talk its only 5.00 a month her in Canada plus its good if your traveling in other Countries...

  • Argos have them. ☺

  • Really will have a look at that site then thank you Pam

  • Boots used to keep them as well, on the dispensary counter. 😊

  • Ive no idea Dyson. It's the kind of thing we should be able to get from the BLF. Ive had respiratory failure though only type 1 which is where there's no CO2 retention.

    Paramedics are trained now to know that people with copd should be given limited oxygen to reduce risk of CO2 retention (if you don't already have it, or making it worse if you do). The paramedics I've been blue lighted with have all known. But all the same, I would still feel safer having that on a bracelet. I was recently told that paramedics are not allowed to search your things, bags etc, so carrying a card has limited use if this is so. Anyone know about this?

  • i was blued lighted in but had been given so much oxygen that i was put on cpack when i arrived i would feel so much safer with the braclet i think

  • That's awful, just shows they don't all know.

  • Yes i know the fact that hubby phoned say i had stage 4 emphysema and i was very blue thought they would have picked up on it but to be fair i was at the doctors the day be for blue and gaspping asking for antibiotics which i got but she would not give me home pack on repeat my states where 99 and never been that high in years so though she would have done some thing but no so now i am making sure i cover all bases

  • So true with bracelets they always look at it even walk in clinc's

  • Hi and Thank you Stone will give this a look at

  • I have a laminated credit card size CO2 Retainer Alert Card which was given to me by the hospital. I keep it in a wallet in my bag, where it would be easily visible if looked for. I didn't know that paramedics aren't allowed to look through your bag for this kind of information - that seems very short-sighted to me. Is this the official position these days?

    If so, I'd better bestir myself to buying a medic alert type bracelet then. I've been meaning to but (in 8 years!) never got around to it.

  • maybe i should ask the doctor or chemist to see if i can get the card as well

  • That happened to me and i know it sounds scary but try not to panic....

    I was given a c-pap machine that i use on a night to sleep with and the NIV nurse also gave me the card its just to let anyone know they need to keep your oxygen between 88-92 % but most of us are around that range if we are on oxygen

  • how long do you use the b-pap machine for and what rate of oxygen do you have through it

  • I use it during the night so I'm on it about 10 hours but I also use it during the day if I'm not well. I'm on 6 liters of oxygen but have 2 liters going through my nippy

  • Hi Mandy why do you have only 2 liters going through it . 6 liters is a lot . I take it you donot retain co2


  • Yes I am a co2 retainer. I've always had a small amount of oxygen going through its only just gone up to 2 liters. That's just how I am I don't know why

  • you said you were on 6 liters is that through your nippy. does your nippy go up your nose only with your oxygen attached.

  • Hi. Yes I'm on 6 liters during the day then when I go to bed I take off the cannula that goes up your nose because the nippy has its own mask so I connect the oxygen tube to the nippy machine and turn the oxygen down to 2 litres then I wear the mask all night. On a morning I take the oxygen tube off the nippy machine and put the cannula back on the tube then turn the oxygen back up to 6. The oxygen that's going through the nippy comes out with a lot of force that's why I don't have so many litres going through it. It would make my oxygen levels go too high which would raise my c02. Hope that helps

  • what make is your nippy machine

  • It's just a nippy 3 +

  • MedicAlert is a charity which does this sort of thing

  • thank you carnival will look this up

  • Thankyou xx

  • I also had chronic respiratory failure type 2 I found out by letter charming

  • oh no thats so bad time

  • Respiratory Failure? I have copd emphysema. I have exacerbation attacks which sound like your failure.... however when paramedics come to take me away they pump as much oxygen as possible to bring up my sats quickly. Then when I get to ER. THEY lower intake gradually. I don't understand your experience with your nurse. Unless of course you have a different complaint than me.

    💤💤💤💤. Late now. sanFrancisco

  • I have the same as you and am a retainer of co2 so can't have the oxygen up to high only 1 litre when sitting and up to 4 litres when moving

  • Oh i hope you feel better soon Youre known in this country as a retainer make sure u get the bracelet

  • You can order a bracelet on line I have one and for five dollars a month there is a 1 800 number they call . They have all your information for what you need and who to call family wise. ..Its called here in Canada Medic Alert. Every time I have gone by ambulance they call it If can't give them the information. Maybe they have that were you are . It's great it cost five a month it is good for any country you go to....

  • Get a Medic alert bracelet they have a 1800 number you tell them all your information wright down to who is your Dr meds and what you need and family member contact . I got mine on line here in Canada and its good for traveling ... It cost me 5.00 a month.

  • I too had that problem. My doctor put me on a BPAP machine. The results have been great! I feel much better. I use the machine when sleeping and removes the extra carbon dioxide.

    Good luck

  • how long do you have to use the machine for do you manage to sleep okay with it.

  • As Mandy has said, there is help available for CO2 retainers in the form of the Nippy face mask which forces air into the lungs and helps expel the CO2. I use mine overnight for about 5 hours and it has helped me enormously. Get in touch with your consultant/Oxygen assessment dept to see if they can help you.

  • where did you get your nippy face mask from i use a mask nose and mouth, which i find very hot and cosafobick i am sure that is not the correct spelling

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