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chest infectiuons

Hi it is so nice to find a site that is so supportive and helpful.

I am on the second lot of steroids and antibiotics in 2 months. They do not seem to be working very well and I really have trouble in the mornings.

All the info says have a healthy diet but am on my own much of the time and find cooking impossible at the moment. How can I be healthy if I can't cook meals? I do take fish oil and multivatamins to try to make up the stuff i need.

Exercise is out of the question too - I went to the toilet this morning when I woke up and then had to try to control my breathing for 10 mins. Not good.

I also feel quite depressed - hope this passes too. Or is it a side effect of the illness?

Hooe I feel better soon.

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Exercise is a must. Walking to the toilet is exercise. So is raising and lowering your arms. So is turning your body from side to side. So is sitting and lifting alternate knees. The point is that any movement is exercise. Start with something easy and you will find that you can soon do more than you think. It is okay to get a bit breathless but you will find that it gets less and that you can do more as your body responds. I once saw a great piece of advice on this forum where a member advised we not "commit suicide by sofa". Taking no exercise will make your condition worsen very much quicker so do please try to do a little. Exercise is also good at lifting your mood and so may help to counter the depression. :)


Thanks! i am a very fidgety person so I must be doing some exercise.

I just have to do more.


Any exercise is helpful, and have you had a word with your GP about meal supplements. Let me know how you are take care 😊 xxx Bernadette


Depression anxiety go hand in hand with lung disease .I battle it myself on a daily basis.I hope you start to feel better soon x


Hi,my wife has been like this,she was given antibiotics by our gp. after further investigation involving sputum test & seeing her consultant it was revealed it was pneumonia. Antibiotics for infection & pneumonia are not the same.please pester your gp,they are their for you,not the other way round.

Carpe diem


I am feeling much better today after 5 days on antibiotics and more steroids.. This lot were given because my ankles swelled up and had red patches. All gone down now.

Waiting for the decent weather now so I can use my new Luggie scooter which is safely stowed in the car boot. Can't wait to get out as I seem to have been stuck indoors for ages now. Lots to do indoors but can't manage most so just look at the mess and try to get something done.

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Sorry, I replied before I saw that you are feeling better. Good for you and long may it continue. Hope the weather improves for you to get out and about.


Whilst I agree with everything that has been said, I just want to offer you some hope of improvement. I went for twelve months taking one lot of antibiotics for infection and steroids. As soon as I finished, the next infection started. I seriously began to think my life, as I wanted it to be, was over. However, a new GP advised me to wean off the steroids over a long period of time. I did what I was advised and haven't looked back. I've had no infection since November and andv am walking better and breathing better. I have been able to increase my exercise ( I was at the same level as you when I started) and can now walk faster (though still slower than my husband) and more importantly, I have the energy to cook again. I still have to pace myself and take breaks to get my breath back but I am so much better than I was. I'm taking pleasure in my lovely grandchildren again.

I want to give you hope that things can improve! Definitely go back to your GP and don't just accept things the way they are until you are certain they can't get better. I think you might be surprised at how small positive steps can lead to big improvement.

Good luck!



Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement! I appreciate it. Hopefully this will be the last infection til next year!!!


Hugs xx


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