Steam Treatment

Hi this is Doug aand this is my first post. I have suffered from COPD since 2001 and have recently been told by my consultant there's nothing more he can do for me newa that gave me cause for concern. I have been searching the net for some help and came across a 3 yr old press release from the Royal Brampton Hospital speaking about steam treatment trials for lung disease. Has anyone heard of this or even had this treatment.

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  • Yes the lady who had it done was a member on here...You can email Dr Shah or ask your consultant to refer you to see if your suitable for any trials

  • Thank you Mandy i have e-mailed the Brampton hospital and am awaiting a reply. Have a good day,

  • Oh, how odd. Steam Trails? I struggle having a warm shower because of the steam - is that not "normal" ... I always assumed it was!

  • Apparently the steam is directed to the diseased portion of the lung via a tube down your throat and kills off the diseased portion.

  • Oh right, I had visions of sitting in something akin to a Turkish bath! Shows my ignorance .. again! ;o)

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