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Hi I'm Debbi from Middlesex. I'm new here & am hoping for some support IV COPD & Asthma along with a few other probs. I'm struggling so hard to stop smoking & im terrified as my COPD has got worse. I'm struggling to sleep at night because of the gurgling/cackling noise cumin from my throat. Why can I just not stop. I'm 50 years old & I don't want to b like this anymore. I'm a prisoner to smoking & I just want to b free. Apologies for moaning I just needed to get that out. I hope everyone is well x

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  • Wanting to hard enough is the first positive step. Then comes the doing. It is certainly not easy but many, many on here have achieved it. You can get extra support on the Quit site as well as on here.

    Think of the positives of being a non-smoker and reward yourself for every step forward.

  • My G.P. practice had a special "quit counsellor" who prescribed patches and monitored your progress every week for about six weeks. She was wonderful and has my everlasting gratitude having stopped me after 50 years!

  • Wow that's amazing. Well done. I'd really like a group to go to so there would be others like me & we could help each other. Thank you for replying. X

  • Thank you. X

  • Hello I'm new here,2 an I understand u do much. I'm 40 this year an have smoked since 14 wish I new then Wat I no now. I have had breathing pro Le. S now 4 a couple mi the among lots of other illnesses. I had my 1st visit to hospital Friday nite an I e never been so scared. Scared of leaving my 2/9 year old's without their mum. I haven't had a final diagnosis yet but pretty sure it's copd an nasal drip. I started to give up smoking 3 weeks ago. I've gone from over 20 a day to 2/3 a day none 2dsy it's torture an very difficult u no u shouldn't but it's so dumb hard. I'm on patches but can't use the spray as it aggravates everything. I wish u luck I hope it gets easier 4 us both. Have u started patches or anything like this yet. How long have u had copd if u don't mind me asking. Xx

  • Sorry 4 my typo's hope u understand my msg lol. X

  • Hi Debbi. It's a difficult thing that you need to do......but so worth it. Some people can go cold turkey with no problems......I couldn't. There's lots of help and aids out there but the thing that worked well for me was the e-cig. My doctor recommended that I did it gradually to lessen problems with withdrawal, and suggested that I just dropped 2 or 3 off each week until I was down to 0.

    I'm sure that you'll find something that's right for you. Wishing you good luck with it. Pam XXX

  • That's exactly what I did and stopped smoking after 35 plus years..

  • I agree 100% with Pam1952, my doctor suggested ecigs too and thats how i stopped smoking

  • DEGSIE, for a start why not make no smoking a big event in your life. Plan for it, fix a date, get any nicotine aids that you need. And put it in your diary. Tell your friends.

    All this worked for me in 1997. I survived the first day and decided not to smoke for the second day. The money I was saved, was put in a jar. I did get pangs but lived through them.

    All the best for your new challenge. May you come out on top!!

  • Vapeing. Nicotine is the addictive bit so make sure you get fluid with decent dose of nicotine. Mine is a kangertech from amazon and cost £20 or so. The only cost then is fluid and spare coils every few weeks.

  • Hi Debbie and welcome I smoked like a chimney for years.

    I was diagnosed at the age of 42 with Copd never thought it would happen to me.

    I gave up with the help of champix its a tablet taken at night and the beauty of this you continue to smoke and take the tables. Within 11 days I didn't want to smoke that was over 11 years ago.

    I now go swimming I have met some really nice people and we go out for meals and social events.

    good luck you will gets lots of support off hear

  • Hi Degsie I have copd and asthma and like you I'm struggling with giving up smoking I have just bought an ecig and I hope this will help as I am now desperate to give up.

    Let me know how your doing.


  • Hi Debbie . I'm fairly new to the group about a month...I was diagnosed 10 weeks ago with copd stage 3 ...I chose not to smoke the same day .. try vaping you can get a reliable retailer close to you and get advice from them. I vape and have my ciggy juice made up to the flavour of my old ciggies . I started on 15 mgs but that was too harsh I then reduced to 12 and now I'm on 9mgs ...I leave my vape at home when walking ..I don't charge it very often and forget I use it sometimes .best thing I have ever done I feel brilliant and much better than I did 4 months ago.. the choice is yours of course but think over things and make the right choice for you xxxxx angie

  • Hi Degsie. Like Onamission I quit smoking,after 55 years,with the use of Champix tablets,prescribed by my GP.That was in 2010 and I stopped within a week or so of starting them.I had tried everything up to then,including hypnosis.After taking Champix tablets I really did not want a cigarette.My course of tablets was for three months.I haven't had,or wanted a cigarette since the start of that course in November 2010.

    Good luck.

  • If you decide to quit with an e-cig, as so many of us have, then please make sure you buy the best; it doesn't cost the earth and start on a high nicotine. If there's a vape=shop near you get some advice - if not, go on-line and find many of the vaping forums who will help you. I would avoid supermarket or the local garage products like the plague. Whatever you use you really need to stop smoking, really!

  • Hiya I'm also finding it hard to give up smoking. It ain't easy!

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