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Fed up

I have been on here before and read lots of the good advice that people give out. I have severe Copd and on various tabs and inhalers. This last month or so I have been cough cough all the time. After what seems a eternity I have started taking my steroids my breathing is bismsal. Doctors and consultants do not know what to give me on the antibiotic side of things think I have tried everything, works for a while then it's all back again. I do sputum samples which always come back saying the same thing HIB and take doxycycline but it doesn't work for long. I have lost count the amount of different antibiotics I have tried. I even have Azithromycin but that doesn't do much. Anybody any ideas on antibiotics that do help please.

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Its not good enough they need to do a sensitivity test and get it sorted out for you ,, perhaps they are not giving you a long enough course ,, you need to keep on at them


Mandy is right patj you do need to keep on at doctors to get anywhere and you do need more help and further investigation carried out. Xxxx


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