Where are we from

Where do you all come from or are we not allowed to discuss on here just thought Local minded people for a meet up catch up a walk xxx

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  • Hi Angie. We're all spread around, some from Australia, USA, Japan....but I'm from South Yorkshire. You'd be better off reposting with where you're from, and then ask the question. Best of luck. Pam XXX

  • Good idea from hythe in Hampshire anyone local to me at all xx

  • Me too, Pam

  • Hi. I'm from Doncaster. XXX

  • Sheffield but currently giving my lungs a treat in the warmth of Lanzarote

  • Lol enjoy lanzarote πŸ˜€πŸ˜

  • Ooh, how lovely......hope you're enjoying it! I used to live in Bradway when the kids were little. Still come to Sheffield quite a lot......usually Meadowhall, but also visit the warehouses at Tinsley as we've got a newsagents. Have a great holiday. XXX

  • Just down the road from Bradway in Greenhill Village (hence the user name). Never been to Lanzarote but hear it's nice. And nice to know there are people who like visiting Meadowhall - or Murderall as we call it.

  • Ha ha. We refer to it as Meadowhell, particularly near Christmas. It's only a 20 minute drive away. XXX

  • For Medderall fans who like sunshine too, the clever Spanish have a similar nightmare on Lanza called Deiland. I've never been.

  • Think I'll pass on that one! Lol. πŸ˜‚

  • I'm from Sheffield originally

  • Hi l'm from West Sussex. There is a link on the site to find those who live nearby. Xxx

  • I used to live in Sussex village called Angmering x

  • That's where Pete a l live. Small world. Xxxx

  • I lived in Palmer rd till 2013 worked at goring hall hospital for years xx

  • I know Palmer Road and Goring Hall hospital. Our grandson goes to St. Margaret's school. Xxx

  • I still ride out on my motorbike up to the cafe at Meon loomies and go up to the cafe at the downs whiteways...lovley part of the world xxx

  • I went to olders school which is now the library and then ST. Margarets when it was built x

  • Our grandson Wen to William Older pre school and often visits the library with his mum. Such a small world shadow4me. Xxx

  • Well I never I was born in Palmer Road and grew up there xx

  • I live near Bognor. I nearly bought a house in Angering as my first house. It was a bit rough and I bottled it, earth floor, no electricity and a proper copper in the kitchen. Probably quite posh now.

  • Sounds intriguing Peter. Bognor is a nice town and a good seafront.

  • Sort of, it was the white one next to the co-op. You must be confusing Bognor with somewhere else, it is pretty dreadful. I'm in Woodgate, just to the south of Westergate.

  • Not sure where that is Peter and ok l was being polite, Bognor is ok in parts but not great. XπŸ˜€

  • Angmering was lovely when I stayed in Palmer rd loved it ...x

  • I was born and bred in Angmering xx

  • I was born in Leeds. But moved to Edinburgh in Scotland when I was 10 year old.

  • I was born in Glasgow but moved to Hampshire 30 years ago xx

  • Hi Angie ,I'm from Worksop Nottinghamshire 😊 xxx

  • Never been that way Damon x

  • Hi I live in Loughborough, Leics. I love playing golf and usually play at Worksop once a year. 😊

  • Hi I live in Coventry about an hours bus ride from you.

  • Leicestershire Angie.

  • Lincolnshire :)

  • North East - anyone else?

  • Middlesbrough

  • Durham - if you don't mind me asking, what is your condition? Mine is pmeumonia and pleuritic pain.

  • Copd diagnosis 10 weeks ago yesterday and fagless 10 weeks yesterday πŸ˜€

  • Well done with the smoking. Hardest thing I think I have ever done. Keep up the good work πŸ˜ƒ

  • well done the rest is walk in the park 😊

  • Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It's a tough thing to do but you're doing it! Good for you!

  • CopD and pleuritic pain

  • Sunderland

  • Sunderland

  • I I am from South Shields

  • Bronchiectasisbo in both lungs

  • My family came from Robinson Street in South Shields

  • I live next to the Nook

  • Me Sunderland

  • I moved to New Milton in 2014. Prior to that I lived in Royston, Herts x

  • Your very close to me pergola if you ever want to meet for a coffee or a walk contact me x

  • Thank you, Angie, but I have to say I am pretty ancient, with an electric buggy. Not really mobile but you are welcome to drop round for a cup of tea/coffee. Or we could meet iin the high Street, NM XXX

  • Age is nothing but a number and we can meet in the high street stay in touch on here and when we get a nice day for you to bring your buggy out message me when you are free xx

  • Good idea, Angie. One or two good cafes to visit. xx

  • When your free pergola x

  • Oxford xx

  • Tasmania, Australia.

  • Hi Gerald my brother lived in Hobart Tas .he passed away November 2016 lived in Snug


  • Hatfield Hertfordshire.

  • Arboleas Spain

  • Ola x

  • Que tal?

  • Muv bien e tai ....I think lol xx

  • Si bien gracias

  • Donde estΓ‘s Arbeolas?

  • ΒΏ Donde estΓ‘ Arboleas?

  • Si Los Torres do you know it?

  • No. Just wondered where it was and if it was good for lungs! Know Orjiva area a bit.

  • South Cheshire - Crewe.

  • Liverpool but moving to Chorley in june

  • Bourne, Lincolnshire

  • Used to have a young student from there living with us, he is married with children now, but he might still live there or his parents.

  • Sunderland North East England

  • I live in York these days :)

  • I love York its full of the most amazing architecture

  • I'm going to York at the end of this month to watch Evita which is currently touring. Love Evita, love York 😊

  • Was there this morning enjoying a Bettys breakfast! I'm from Castleford!

  • Ooh lovely! Can't beat a Betty's breakfast. I work once or twice a week at Tieve Tara in Park Dale :)

  • I'm in Tamworth xx sonia

  • Not too far from me by car, bus is a little longer.

  • Hi Kate, lm originally a brummie moved to Tamworth when I was 6, been here ever since. Xx sonia xx

  • My friend and grandaughter live in tamworth

  • Hi again Sonia, I was born up north in Stockton on tees . Lived for many years in Brum as my parents were in business there. My dad was licencee of the Longbridge Social Club for the car factory workers. I settled there when first married but have been back in Coventry for 50 years now.

  • Sonia you were born not far from me

  • Really, I was born in marston green hospital, lived in chelmsley wood Birmingham, then to tamworth. Xx sonia xx

  • About a hour way x

  • Of course you are allowed to discuss where we are and its lovely to see a friendly chatty post it can get very serious on here

    I am in Barry, South Wales if anyone watched Gavin and Stacy thats where i am

  • Lol hi Mandy ..I must admit iv seen some serious posts and in my mind it's not all about the condition .there is a person behind it and that's what I wanted to meet the personalities happy days xxx

  • I absolutely agree ,, its so important to have a normal chat and of course a laugh always makes everything better :) we are much more than just this illness x

  • Do you do much exercise if so what do you do .I walk 5km a day if not more ...x

  • At the moment im doing about 5 yards :) because ive just got over one hell of an infection.

    Its so hilly here in Wales you need to drive for miles to find somewhere flat to go for a walk :)

  • Oh bless you I'm sorry to hear your unwell hunni xx

  • Im lots better now thank you i was only walking 5 feet last week :)

    Im so looking forward to the day i can walk 5 miles Angie i plan to go to Snowdonia i just havnt told my daughter she will be coming with me yet !!

    Do you have pretty places to walk where you are , i do think walking in nature is good for the soul x

  • Lol get up there and plant a flag and take a bottle of champagne for the end ...I live in the new forest area so yes we are in a lovley spot where a horses cows donkeys all roam free xxx

  • Oh i would love to live somewhere like that :)

  • I love it here must admit just been out and walked 6kms feels grand xxx

  • Bet that blew out some cobwebs ...you should post some pics of your walks x x

  • I can but my pics don't link to here for some reason will need to check it out been trying to post a profile pic as well xxx

  • My 2 donkeys roam free when "she" lips the gate lock open! She does that for him every once in a while.

    Am I the only Colorado, USA member on this site?

  • No, you aren't because I live in Lakewood, so there are two of us at least.

  • I'm in Delta . . . the other side of the mountain! I think we had a couple email exchanges a while back. I was trying to figure out why I had SOB.

  • Oh yes, I do remember. One would expect more than just us though. What did you find out about your sob?

  • Hi Angiecbr

    I have been avoiding exercise because I get so lethargic and just felt I couldnt do it.

    However yesterday my sons rugby team were doing a sponsored bike ride along the coast and another lady there was going to do the same distance walking so I agreed to go with her thinking I would have to stop etc, however I felt fantastic like my lungs had been open ed up for the first time in ages.

    I will definitely be walking much more often.

  • Wow excellent stuff well done you xxx

  • What's occurring Mandy? I'm on the Welsh Riviera (Swansea twinned with Mordor so theysay)!

  • " Im not going to lie, Barry should be twinned with Basra " :)

  • I live in London

  • and I work in Uxbridge which is why I can never see my gp during term time

  • im in Aberdeen also known as the north pole

  • Hope it gets warmer for the tattoo Tam

  • Always Baltic at Edinburgh castle mind your thermals lol

  • ou paint a lovely picture Tam πŸ˜†

  • you do make me smile mate , nice one

  • I think that's a good idea angie. I'm from Wakefield west Yorkshire. Take care x

  • Hi Margaret xxx

  • I'm from Castleford!

  • I live in Birmingham

  • Where in Brum?, its about 7 miles from me to the airport , twenty minutes by train to New Street. My son works in Birmingham city center and lives over QE hospital side of city.

  • Im under the QE for my alpha, got an appointment there on the 28th of this month. Xx sonia xx

  • I am also a patient at the QE - the rheumatology, endocrinology and lung departments.

  • My daughter goes there for some treatment even though we live in Coventry, my younger son was in Dudley Road when he came back from Iraq war. My late husband went to QE for cancer assessment, we paid a visit to cadbury world too last time for him sadly. But left a fond memory xx

  • I live in Bournville, almost in sight of the QE. I was on your side yesterday - I went to the Education Show with my daughter. Got lots of freebie - if you ever need a glue stick ..

  • Years ago in my young and carefree days I lived at Northfeild overlooking the car factory, I have lived in several areas of Brum till I moved back to Coventry in 1967, my daughter was born in Selly Oak Hospital.

  • My two boys were born in Selly Oak, and my daughter in Sorrento in Moseley - now idea why! If you haven't been back to Northfield/Longbridge recently you won't recognise it. Part of the car factory site has been redeveloped as a shopping centre and has large Sainsburys and Marks and Spencer's, as well as restaurants and smaller shops.

  • Might be worth a visit to see the changes, I've been to Brum in January to meet my sister and shop for wedding outfit, its so busy these days with the new station and all. Guess everywhere is changing just like Coventry, a lot of shopping is outside the cities and towns these days. Selly Oak hospital is much different these days too and Dudley road Hospital.

  • I like the changes that are being made to Birmingham,but find that the people are often rude and impatient! Mind you it's probably like that in any large city, everybody is always in such a rush now a days. I do most of my shopping in Longbridge or Solihull.

  • Our group just had a day at Banbury which is a smaller version of Solihull, you are right all the big cities are rush, rush, rush. My mum used to live in a small market town they did the same with that added all these big chain stores which changes the character and the type of customer that visits. I bought a dish for my ainsley collection in the antique shop.

  • looks like I am not near anyone, such shame really as I. Love getting to know people . It can get pretty lonely on your own all the time.xxx 😒 Bernadette

  • Thats why groups like this are so important Bernadette , you can feel very isolated when your ill even if you have lots of people around x

  • I originally come from Spennymoor in county Durham. It will always be home to me 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Hi Bernadette, I'm sure there are people near you. There are over 4000 members after all! Just a bit quiet on Sunday πŸ˜ƒ

  • On the home page it says there are 22,460!

  • Haha, shows how long it is since I last looked! πŸ˜‚

  • Long way for me to travel from cairns to UK πŸ˜„

  • I live in a small seaside town Littlehampton west sussex x

  • I lived in Palmer rd 104 down on the corner shadowπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • After a quick skim through, it seems apparent that no other folks from "the Colonies" are checking in though I know there's a few of us in the group; I'm in the States, Georgia, Atlanta area though not in the city itself.

    Glad there's such interest in everyone getting to know each other a bit better.

    Please be patient with us in the US as we sort out what's to be done with President Blunderbuss....



  • Hi Duncan nice to hear from you hope today finds you warm well and happy xxxx

  • You mean 00 (orange orangutan)? (Those actually are not 'o's they are zeros) It's amazing how we all feel we need to apologize for that person (man?).

    Dear The Whole World,

    Please accept our apologies for all insults and past transgressions and those we know will come in the future. Freight trains take awhile to stop.

    Yours truly,

    81% of US


  • I live in East yorkshire

  • All the moors lol xxx

  • South Lincolnshire.

    Jo. πŸ˜€

  • I live in Surrey, can't walk far but we plan to travel around Great Britain now as I am oxygen dependent and it is so much hassle getting oxygen abroad. Looking forward to seeing places we only see on Flog It etc lol x

  • Solihull, West Midlands

    take care


  • I`m from Dalton-inFurness in Cumbria originally, on the doorstep of the Southern Lake District. For the last 3 months and probably the future I live in Tarleton near Preston, Lancashire, Sheila x

  • Wow I'm such a loner I live in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland Home of The Lochness Monster and Culloden battlefield.. x

  • Had a great holiday up in your neck of the woods stayed in Dalwhinnie and went all over from there .Dufftown and elgin spring to mind .Think Inverness is one of the most windy places ive ever been . Long drive home as well twelve hours to Suffolk . Allen.

  • Bristol - any one near by ? x

  • I use to live in Bristol now in Lydney Gloucestershire

  • I grew up in Filton but now live in Sydney

  • Neath

  • I'm in south east cornwall, I'm moving to a ground floor flat in 2 weeks. It's only 10 feet from front door to front door so an easy move apart from the steps which have been a big obstcale durind the winter

  • We are touring Cornwall in July this year lovley part of the world xx

  • Hi, I was born in North London (Highbury πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’) for 50 years. I now live in Mid Essex - and No I don't watch TOWIE !! xx

  • Bristol until Aug 2016 then moved to Lydney Gloucestershire, to get out of the rat race, enjoy country life in the Forest of Dean, my back garden looks out onto a lake , no mortgage and happy πŸ˜€

  • I was born and lived in North Yorkshire( James Herriot was our Vet) I retired through stress at 64 years and came down to a small historical market Town Called Oundle on the edge of Rockingham Forest .Hobbies have diminished over the years but now the one left is building and flying model aircraft . Were only an hours train ride from London and an hour by car to Cambridge so enjoy days out.Cough a lot and talk a lot and try to make the most growing old 82 Next.

  • As you can see us sufferers are all over the world and all over the UK l am in a village in Essex called Ridgewell, also go to the Support group at Camborne near Papworth.If you go to the Action for Pulmonary Fibrous web page then click on Support you will be able to see all of the support groups in your area, you can then expand your friends group with those who live nearest.

    Best of luck,


  • How lovely to see 129 replies - just goes to show it isn't all about our complaints and conditions - well done folks! And thank you Angie for posting.

  • Ah your welcome dragon mum I hope everyone enjoyed the convo they have been having and the pics posted there's plenty to come lol have a good Sunday xxx

  • Im from Yorkshire originally but for the last 30 years lived in the suburbs of murky london - hope to move into Essex countryside or abroad when i'm retired x

  • I'd love that ... but yes I understood everyone is dotted round the world ...nevermind the UK! ! I'm from barking Essex. ...anyone from nearby ??

  • Hi I'm from Romford Essex

  • Hi...

    That's great that you're close by ...I'd love to meet up for a chat ...

    Just to let you know I'm a 43 year old mum recently diagnosed with the pulmonary sarcoid...have left work now but get really bored!! Lol.. my name is Minara x

  • I live in the middle of the United States (Iowa).

  • Hi, Beth1949,

    I'm in Colorado but was born in West Union, Ia, raised in Cresco, Ia.

  • Hi,

    I am not sure where West Union or Cresco is. My husband and I moved to Des Moines from northern Indiana to be closer to our daughters and their families. I did grow up in Newton Iowa (30 miles from Des Moines), age 6-16. My father worked for Maytag. I have an ex-brother-in-law and nephew that still live there. And my older daughter and her husband got their degrees from UI in Iowa City. My son-in-law grew up in Cedar Falls. So I do have past ties to Iowa.

    I have been thru Colorado, it's such a beautiful state. I had a former co-worker from Colorado and she always said she misses the mountains.


  • West Union and Cresco are Northeast of Des Moines. I'm familiar with all the towns you mentioned. Glad to meet ya!

  • The Northeast, they get a lot worse weather than we do. It seems like we will get 2 in of snow and the Northeast gets 8 in.

    Glad to meet someone else from the states.


  • I'm from Reading, Berks, but right on the edge of the South Oxfordshire border, so very close to beautiful countryside & lots of little quaint villages - Midsomer Murders often filmed near here lol. Lots of nice flat, picturesque walks along the river Thames too 😁🌻

  • Woodbridge in Suffolk .

  • Hello my name isRuth, I've been out of town for a while but I'm back, I'm reaching out to Hu from Washington DC

  • Hi Ruth waving atcha from Hampshire UK πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Hi Angiecbr,How are you doing?

  • That's four of us from the states . . . Georgia, Iowa, D.C. And me in Colorado

  • Ruby777 is in New Jersey

  • Sorry, Ruby777, that I missed your post! Welcome New Jersey.

  • Surrey uk

  • I live in North Yorkshire x

  • And I hail from the land of the long white cloud

  • Where is the long white cloud?

  • New Zealand.

  • Thanks, mrsmummy! That where my spinning wheels are from!

  • I have a brother who lives in Hamilton!

  • I'M from Durham

  • Camborne, Cornwall xx

  • Norfolk uk

  • I am beginning to think that I am the only Canadian on here, I'm from eastern Ontario, not far from Ottawa.

  • I'm sure you're not, Carrol, but anyway, we are all citizens of the world, who happen to have lung problems

  • Hey lovelies I an from Dudley in the UK west Midlands nice to meet u all I'm new here

  • I'm from Brighton UK. There appears to be nobody this far south.

  • I'm near Brighton too, Nanbn2. In a village just over the Downs.

  • Hi

    Surrey on the top of the North Downs - quite hilly which is a challenge!

  • Hi Angie

    Originally from Bristol but now living in Lowton which is a borough of Wigan.


  • Born in Glasgow live in Larbert Scotland .

  • I was born in Glasgow bacardi. Took a job in Stirling last year for 8 months now back home in Hampshire x

  • Hi , Stirling is only 5 miles away from where I live . I have been a member for 4 years don't post a lot but read the posts everyday . I get a laugh at Aberdeenmans posts , and all the great information from the rest of the forum .

  • I was born in Stockton-on-Tees, and lived all over, here and abroad with The Royal Air Force, now living in Oulton Broad,Suffolk

  • Hi Everyone. I have just joined and am from Harwich in Essex. Anyone close by? Anne

  • From Birmingham (or Brum) whichever you prefer. Last Wednesday was a brilliant day - enjoyed a leisurely walk around Edgbaston Reservoir a few minutes at a time in between sitting in the wheelchair,

  • Sydney Australia : )

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