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Have been battling from horrible phlegm that is choking me for the last week...nothing over the counter medication works...Sent my husband out for coconut oil. ..but how do you use it? As there are no instructions except for frying and baking...desperate to get rid of this phlegm as I am annoying everyone around me

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Best advice is to to see your GP there are medications that can help thin it down to make it easier to get up. Plus have you tried the Huff cough this is an excellent technique to get it out. I think there is a video on YouTube which shows you how to do it. Also make sure you are well hydrated as this will also help the problem.

Irute in reply to Badbessie

Thank you so much ...I will try


Check it out.

Irute in reply to stone-UK

Thank you. ....that was very helpful ....I will do those breathing excersizes

Thanks stone watched the huff and it worked

O2Trees in reply to Time_2_drink

Hurray, good for you :)


Hello, have you tried breathing exercises that helps. Let us know how you get on.take care Bernadette 😊 xx

I tried the first. One the with huffs on video that stone posted it worked will look at others later can't hear it for the telly xxx

Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Time_2_drink

ask your GP for a leaflet on how to do breathing exercises xxx


Concentrate on the one that works, you need a regular routine which will build your confidence to do more.

Thanks stone will do

Hi lrute. You've had some great advice & learning to huff will help you a lot. But why do you say you're annoying everyone around you? If anyone complains, tell them straight, you're not coughing for the fun of it! However, if you learn breathing techniques to clear your chest, you can limit your coughing to 2 or 3 sessions a day.

A bit late (nothing new there!) but a take prescribed Carbocisteine tablets & use a flutter device ( ) when it gets really bad. Glad you got sorted this time!

try honey and lemon in warm water

Huffing is great, and I have trouble as I only have lung so use that and meds from GP to loosen it and it is great.

See your doctor about carbocistiene tablets and/or nebuliser. But during the interim (i'm assuming you drink plenty of water) Ginger Tea seems to ease things for me as well as all the above ?

Good luck


Irute in reply to Plumbob

Thank you for your suggestions. ..much appreciated. ..

I do huffing soon after I wake up and then again at bedtime. It keeps my lungs clear during the day and at night.

Irute in reply to sarcoid123

Thank you. ...I will try that...

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