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Hi there. Just looking through posts to see if anyone is the same as me!

I'm a 37 year old non smoker who is suffering light headed and chest pain. When I was chest x rayed they found a shadow on my right lung. They weren't too worried but it was there twice they sent me to thorasics. The Dr there wasn't worried but as I've had a slight temp for weeks he discussed at the weekly meeting.

Next I had a letter saying the pysiologists have looked at my breath test and think I might have narrowing air pipes and I've had a chest/abdomin/pelvic ct scan yesterday.

Just wondering if anyone has gone through this and what they might be looking for. I have to wait till 27th April for another appt at clinic to see results.

Any message gratefully rcvd as I'm going crazy!



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Hello Claire and welcome. This must be scary for you! I can't guess what it is they might be looking for. They don't seem to be unduly worried but it does seem a long wait for the results of tests which have already been done. They're normally through in about a week. Try phoning the consultant's secretary, explain that you're going crazy and ask, plead and beg to be seen earlier please, if at all possible. Good luck and do let us know. Sue x


Just going to say the same, Sue. That's far too long to wait.


Thanks Sue! Ct nurse said results will be ready in a week. Will be on the phone mobile day to ask for a sooner appointment! Don't think I'll last till the end of April us do the want them ringing me to come earlier as I'll panic!

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Hello and welcome, sorry not been through that, but I am sure someone will be able to help you. Post continue posting and let us know how you are doing. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette


Hello sweetheart and welcome here, poor you, must be horrible waiting and not knowing, think you've had some good advice, I surely wouldn't wait that long, and can totally understand what you mean about worrying if they call you into clinic early, better to be in control than BE controlled eh! Get on that phone on Monday, thecsecretaries aren't all dragons and if they know how scaredvand worried you are perhaps they'll bring your appt. forward. If you don't ask , you won't get!

Good luck and do let us all know how you get on.xx


Hi everyone! Ct scan went OK. I had a letter from the thorasic dept rescheduling my appt for Monday! I was shocked so called to ask why and she said they like to see patients within 2 weeks of their ct and the 1st appt was made before the ct one. I hope this is true but the fact I got a letter not a call makes me think so!

Fingers crossed for answers monday!



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