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I am really struggling Again i am back to not wanting to go downstairs because of coming up to use the toilet so when I am downstairs I limit my drinks because when I climb the stairs my heart rate goes into the 130 s and my sats drop into the 70 s I was given a commode but the only place for it is the shed not nice .This is our own house so we can't move to much needs doing The occupational therapist is coming in a couple of weeks to asses for stair lift. The thought makes me so sad but it is what it is I don't think we will get any help because we have some savings so should I just take the plunge and buy one .I would be so grateful if any one could tell me how they cope with the stairs living in a house the Ot suggested I do downstairs blinking I just can't room not big enough for bed and I don't want to live downstairs anybody I n a house who uses stairlift or if not how to get over fear of and manage the stairs x

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  • Should have said living

  • Quite a few of our members use stairlifts and I have seen a lot of posts saying how much help they are. I have had mine for a couple of years now and find it a great help. They may supply one or you may choose to buy. There are several companies offering second hand ones which can save a lot of money.

  • Thank you as I say because we have some savings don't know whether it's worth waiting for assesment and then been turned down or just go ahead and buy I would be looking at a used one

  • I would wait and see. If they supply you won't have to buy. :)

  • Thanks may have to limit trips to toilet or stay upstairs for now

  • Hi wait for ot to come they will help ,have savings but I just had to make a contribution of

    £500 that was 20years ago both my late husband and myself used it the council service it every 12 months so worth waiting for OT to come

    Take care


  • Thank you Dorothy I reckon it will be a lot more now I was looking at getting a used one don't really want anyone knowing what we have or haven't got never asked for anything in our life

  • I know you are wanting a stairlift T2d but in the meantime Stone put a link on about climbing stairs which really helped me. Even though I do a lot of exercise I was finding the stairs difficult but this really helped. What you do is blow out air as you take each step upwards, quite different from pursed lip breathing. I think it gets rid of some of the air trapping in the lungs. I was avoiding the stairs - live in a chalet bungalow with a toilet up and down stairs - but now use them all the time. The difference was noticeable very quickly. I know you are finding it super hard at the moment T2D but maybe you could just try this for a few stairs and see how you get on. Getting air out is far more important than inhaling it, so if you could manage to try this you might find an improvement.

  • Thanks I will try to remember it's just when it comes to doing I get brain fog a forget that I can't do stairs as normal I will give it a go next time I go downstairs for the assent at the moment to scared to go down although must tell you this yesterday I went to the hospice about a course 2hours a week for 3 weeks called be in charge I had a bit of a panic when I had to leave to come home so maybe that is why I feel a bit low today can't decide whether to stay up here today and start afresh tomorrow or go downstairs x

  • been thru that too and was scared to come home

  • I was just going to suggest this. It's made a huge difference to me. There's a good YouTube clip. I haven't got the link but it's easy to find. At first, you have to really concentrate to breathe out going up and breathe in when your foot hits the step.

    Good luck with it, it's really worth it.

  • Thanks I did see it then mind went blank panic mode but will look for it again I think it might be the one stone put a link on for

  • Wait and see what the OT says.

    If you end up having to buy one they are much simpler than they used to be with a flip up seat so others can easily use the stairs.

  • Thanks peege don't know how long I will have to wait for them and in the mean time spending most of day in bedroom because of toilet I have come down now it is the going up that gets me and others I suppose what a life

  • Why don't you fit a toilet downstairs?

  • Wish there was a place to put one

  • It is worth trying for the funding first because having a bit of money didn't stop my cousin getting her wet room.

    Have you thought about one of those toilets that don't need to be plumbed to the waste pipe? They can be sited anywhere. xx

  • Do you mean what you use in caravan Did they ask your cousin how much money she had and want her bank statements I wish we lived in a council house then someone with a child could have house and we could get a flat xx

  • Hi time2 drink....

    I am just wondering if you still have the chest infection, have they tested you to find out. That won't help with the breathlessness if you have.

    I have just finished an online Mindfulness and meditation course.....and they help teach you to live in the moment, and it's helped with my anxiety. Perhaps the hospice course is similar.

    Take it steady for the moment, hopefully your stair lift will be sorted by the occupational therapist soon.

    Take care

  • The matron took bloods and tried to get a sputum sample on Wednesday hasn't been in touch to say yes or no but just has I typing reply I've brought up pea green sputum

  • Thanks it is to do with anxiety nutrition excercises relaxation techniques fatigue relationships food preperation don't know why doing that if can't use the kitchen getting on with living apparently it used to be a 6 week course but they changed it to 3 because they said 6 was to much for people I think that it will be harder doing it in 3 because so much going on the therapist I met said she thought I would benefit from seeing her for a while longer and will be ringing to say when programme starts I mentioned about my hot and cold moments and she said I could benefit from acupuncture nap apparently there is a 85percent success rating so here's hoping I get some and it works sorry to ramble I am pleased you have found something to help you my trouble is my mind is so active it never shuts up long enough to relax never mind meditate Best wishes to you

  • I keep reading your postings and whilst I sympathise with you I am increasingly concerned about you staying upstairs! I am worried that you will find it easier and easier to stay upstairs which is NO life. The main issue seems to be the toilet... why don't you send your husband to the chemist or look on line yourself for a urine bottle suitable for women. I have no doubt Amazon do them! That way when you need to have a wee, send your husband out and use the bottle. It can then be discretely put in a bag or towel and the contents can be disposed of when you go back up stairs!

    I know you talk about restricting your drinks but it is important we are well hydrated to keep secretions loose.

    Also take care if you purchase a second hand stair lift. What sort of guarantee will you get for it? Also who will fit it? For these reasons it may well be a false economy to get a second hand one. I don't want to pry into your business but you indicate you have savings. I guess this is money put away for a rainy day. Isn't this a rainy day?!!

    FYI. If someone has less savings of £26,500 then if OT agrees you require a stair lift it will be fitted for free.

  • Yes it is pouring

  • When I was young it was common for people to have a chamber pot under the bed. No one wants to go to an outside loo in the middle of the night. In the morning you emptied your own pot and rinsed it out. Maybe you could get a commode, some look just like a chair. Bodily functions are normal, we have become so used to privacy, a luxury not many could afford in my young days, best wishes, Iris x

  • The commode is in the shed no where for it downstairs so I guess just have to put up with it take care x

  • Drinking plenty of fluid is really important to keep mucus thin and keep you hydrated so please dont limit what your drinking

    If they dont pay for a stair lift i would definitely recommend you buy one it will make a big different and give you more confidence in getting round the house ....I was 49 when i had mine fitted and i was mortified but i needed it and soon got use to the new routine ,, i walk upstairs as much as i can but on a bad day i wouldnt be without it

    When you go upstairs take them one at a time putting both feet on the step before you go to the next one it makes a huge difference

  • Thanks Mandy I will be getting one either way just hope not to long to assesment I can't see that we will qualify but they may be able to advise .I am older than you where when you got yours but still feels weird I always had a younger outlook and liked to dress up wear make up and get hair done now I slob about in pjamas most days and as for the rest long gone I have just climbed the mountain to the loo and come back down must say had yo get hubby to follow me I sometimes think it would be a good idea if there was somewhere to go to learn to cope with this residential with stairs how daft is that when I went upstairs this time my sats didn't drop as low as usual just to 84 and heart rate was a bit better 126 usually high 130 s which scares hell out of me I wonder do others get these readings

  • yes I do--you sound like my twin-- MmeT

  • Which firm did you use and did you hire or buy there is such a lot of companies out there we haven't got straight stairs 3 steps small landing then 10 stairs

  • Which firm did you use we have not got straight stairs 3 stairs then a small landing then 10 stairs which firm did you use and did you hire or buy there are such a lot of companies out there and I can't seem to get a idea of cost without given my details to each and every one would drive me potty if they all kept phoning so want to have a bit of info before I contact them

  • Im in South Wales not England but the OT who is coming out to you should have information for you advising what companies to use and the best way for you to get quotes

    Dont worry about the stairs they should be able to accommodate you

  • Thanks Mandy

  • You can even have a toilet put in a cupboard under the stairs. Have a look on the internet.

  • The cupboard under our stairs is to small for a toddler to use a potty unfortunately

  • Time--I have CHF and have lived here 12 years--lots of steps--I cant even take my garbage out so am going to have to let social services start helping me-I hate that--so invasive....-I am on O2 24/7--I don't know when or how I will move--Why aren't you on O2? Even if you could get it just for steps--I know how this turns ones life upside down--Put that commode in the shed for now till you decide what you are going to do--It is better than the alternative--your stats sound about like mine would do--I have been obsessed with oximeter and have to stop it--because I have a-fib too and my heart rate can go all over the place--I wonder if ill ever adapt--??Can you put your bed in living room and make a tv room out of bedroom--?Not quite sure what you have for room--well keep in touch if you like--I understand--I really do--MmeT -put that money in someone elses name or get a safety deposit box or bury it--im sorry but they will get it all--hold on at least to part of it if you can--

  • I am on oxygen I don't want to live downstairs I am also obsessed with oxi meter

  • Recently bought new stair lift - straight up and down - for £1500.

    Before that, sat down on stairs for a minute half-way up.

  • We have three steps then straight so probably a bit more where did you get yours I from north east Middlesbrough is it a reconditioned one thanks

  • That seems very cheap that is rhe sort of price and a bit more that. I have seen reconditioned ones for looked at the website but they not giving prices

  • They get my recommendation.

  • What was the installation charge if you don't mind me asking just wanting to have information especially from someone who reccomendation x

  • Just paid £1495 all in. Guy who installed it was efficient and well-behaved. After 2 week cooling-off period I got the bill and paid by card over phone.

  • XThank you

  • I've sent for the brochure have you got the name of one you bought do you pay for maintanience

  • The 'Levant'. I think you can buy a life-time warranty, but I didn't bother.

  • Thanks for that

  • Ive had another look at my he website they not showing lifts I've looked at the terms and conditions I'm surprised you got cooling of period because it says they want 50percent up front I'm confused

  • It is very easy. My daughter who has more problems than I will ever have, had one installed 2 yrs ago and for me as I have gone downhill a bit in the last couple of years and her stairlift is a godsend( excuse comment). I don't exactly dread having to go up as I need to from time to time especially when I go to bed(fortunately she has a downstairs toilet) and I know I should take the stairlift but I force myself to walk up slowly, which is me being stupid really, as when I get to the top I am gasping, trying to breathe through my diaphragm (as taught on my Pulmonary Rehab course) and it takes me a couple of mins to get back to normal. Still trying to keep healthy with excercises but even a shower which used to take 2/3 mins now is a 15/20 min evolution. But getting back to the stairlift. I would go for it. The benefits far out way not having one as you are struggling. Hope my info helps.

  • Thanks my hubby says I have to wait until the Ot has been and if I don't get one from them get the information of her as regards to buying or renting so until then I will have to struggle .I hate going into the shed to use the commode .This morning my husband had to go out so I stayed upstairs till midday then I forced myself to come downstairs I can't take much more of this just sitting or laying in bed this morning I was in bed went to the bathroom and my sats went to 49 .

  • Dear Time,

    I suggest this as a possible interim help until you get your stair lift organised and not meant in anyway as a sarcastic comment or to upset you in anyway.

    I have problems getting up and down the stairs now and over the last year my mobility has become quite hard and throw in the fact I have to take water tablets daily and with and a cough I realised after a couple of oops moments (well more than a couple) that action must be taken. So now I have my Tena ladies briefs, I use them if we go out and I am not sure where the toilets are, indoors I use them as a bit of a security blanket in just case after I have taken my water tablet.

    I won't deny that it's not something I usually shout about but at least my tenas give me time to get to the blessed loo, hopefully you will not have to wait to long for your stair lift.

    Take care,


  • Thanks Sue I also take water tablets so I know what you mean it's awful isn't it I have been looking at stair lifts all day it's doing my head in just don't know where to start probably best to wait for ot I know we won't qualify for one of them but maybe she can advise .I came down stairs at lunch time have not been upstairs since used the commode in the shed I want to go upstairs but I am in terrible pain again not 3hours since I took oramorph and coedine I am pig sick Don't worry you didn't upset me I took it in the spirit it was sent Do you have a stairlift if not how do you cope with the stairs. I am looking at people's reccomendation for stairlift Still trucking sent me details of Thers x

  • I don't have a stair lift but know I will probably need one soon. Hubby is not coping very well at the moment concerning health problems, he lost his identical brother at the beginning 2016 and is still coming to terms with it and gets very anxious if I start talking about aids to help me. Wheeling me about in my dads wheel chair for a bit of retail therapy at Christmas was difficult enough, getting a stair lift will take all of my persuasion, organisation and maybe a touch of amateur dramatics skills, before it sinks in that I need help with the stairs. At the moment I take my time have a rest half way up and if necessary use my inhaler.


  • I know what you mean my husband seems to think I will get better I wish .Yesterday I went down stairs at lunch time then never went back up till 9.30 used the commode on the shed ,Thid morning I brought up the subject of stairlift again and he said you'll probably be frightened of it but what's the alternative sorry to hear about your husbands twin must be very hard for him take care

  • I had a stair lift fitted before i needed one and would not be without it! It means I can go up to the toilet any time I want. Up to bed too! Saves me a lot of breathlessness and worry. Go for it if you can afford it!!!

  • Do you find it easy to use I'm a bit wary but know it is needed .Have you had any problems with it and did you rent or buy if you don't mind me asking where did you get yours from was it very expensive lots of different models so I am asking people for reccomendations

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