Hi everyone, its my 1st time posting. I'm stage three copd, and I've been prescribed azithromycin three times a week to protect against infection. I used to take it a few years ago, but got taken off it due to fears of deafness. However my doctor has given me 500mg tablets, but I'm sure I was on 250mg last time. Does anyone know the usual prophylactic dose? Thanks

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  • Hi. My husband as been on it for about two years. He takes it three times a week but only the 250mg. He as lost some hearing but the amount of infections he was getting outweighed the hearing loss... Regards.

  • Yes I've been taking this medicine long term and I have 1 a day every day at 250mg

  • me too it seems to help

  • Welcome to you, Pete takes Azithromycin 250mg 3 times a week and does well on it. HIs hearing isn't great but it's good to be infection free. Xxx

  • Hi and welcome,sorry can't help in that one, but I'm sure some will come along that can help. Hope you have a good weekend, keep posting. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • I have severe copd and seem to be getting a lot of upper airway infections lately ,I was wondering if this would help me if we are a loud it on the NHS around here .I know it sounds mean but I think I would rather be a bit deaf than not breath.I hope they make you feel better x

  • i take this every day it seems to help me.i am stage3 too.

  • I take 250mg three times a week and my only side effect is the occasional dodgy stomach on tablet day.

  • Don't know what regular dose is but I have been taking 250 mg azithromycine three times a week for about ten years and I have avoided almost all infections. Prior to taking it I was getting an infection every three weeks.

  • I have just started taking Azithromycin 250mg on my second week. 3 tablets aweek for first two weeks then add one tablet every week till I am taking 1 a day. I was put on them by my immunologist consultant. For my antibody deficiency. But not had any side effects so far.

  • Thanks everyone! It looks as though I should be taking 250mg then, three times a week. I'm seeing surgeon at Brompton before long, and will recheck the dosage with him. Best wishes to all

  • I have been given 500mg and yes it does affect your hearing. I do feel it doesn't help myself very much. I had been taking it every other day but sometimes I feel worse taking it. I must admit I do feel nothing much does help me to be fair. Doctors do not seem to know what to give me to keep me clear of infections. Hope this has helped.

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