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Any advice please


Hi. First post ever. Im astbmatic and my husband has Copd. We have booked a holiday to Israel leaving 26 march for 10 nights. Unfortunately my father in law is very low with heart and kidney failure. We have been advised that he is not to be readmitted back to hospital and just cared for in his nursing home. His own doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Any advice about cancelling holiday or what we should do. We have travel insurance with All Clear. Anyone had ecperience of curtailing a holiday. First time we have been away in years due to caring for an elderly relative. Thank you.

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Good morning. I would ring your tour operator and explain the situation to them. They will advise you of what your options are and help you decide the best route to go down.....they are usually very understanding. Good luck. XXX


Hello, sorry to hear about your father in law. The bed thing is to do as Pam has advised, your travel operator should be very understanding and will help. Best wishes 😊 xxx Bernadette

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