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I've had asthma for nearly 40 years and bronchiectasis for 9 years (though was told I had probably had it for much longer). Exacerbation kicked off last weekend so I started taking the antibiotics from my emergency pack. Yesterday, after five nights of very little sleep due to coughing I went to see GP. He has doubled my intake of the preventer/reliever (Fostair NEXThaler) and given me some codeine based linctus to suppress the cough. Never been advised before to increase the intake of the preventer/reliever or given something to suppress the cough just to use the reliever more often (Bricanyl). Better night last night so hoping this will do the trick.

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  • Really hope it does the trick for you. Hope you feel better soon. Take care and keep us updated on how you are. 😊 xx Bernadette

  • PENTREATH - your health is similar to mine. I have to have rescue packs. What is important is to recognise the signs of an imminent infection. Right now, I feel fairly OK, but have been on the antibiotics for over a week. When I finish the course, I will try and do without for a bit but ready to resume when necessary. X

  • Sometimes they worry about cough suppressor if you have phlegm but I bruised my throats coughing too much last year so I wish I'd had a suppressor. Your dr must have compassion for his patients - good to see.

  • Yes I was told that my throats was bruised after trying to shift something that felt like a cyst. I took prednisone for 5 day treatment and was able to shift it!

  • Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. Hope it clears up soon. XXX

  • Hello Pentreath . I am so sorry to hear you've been so unwell. Having no sleep with a constant unrelenting cough is no joke and so, so exhausting. I truly hope you feel better soon and this will be but an awful memory. Sending you a gentle hug.

    Cas xx 🍀

  • I believe Fostair can be used as a reliever as well as preventer - have you got the leaflet AND the posh little booklet?

    Are you taking steroids as well? These can keep you awake. If I have to take them I set the alarm for 5am, take the tablet & go back to sleep. It's the only way I can get better sleep & fewer palpitations at night on the prednisolone.

    Get well soon. P

  • Thanks Peege - no I am not on steroids but the Fostair input has quite a lot of steroid (though not as much as taking preds). Today has been better than yesterday so I am hoping things will improve. I was just very surprised upping the reliever/preventer (Fostair currently) should be increased when you realise that your breathing is not what it should be. Have always been told to take the reliever more often and I had been doing that. I have read the leaflet that comes with the Fostair but have never seen the 'posh little booklet'.

  • Fingers crossed. I hope it works again tonight. x

  • Hope with the change of drug regime, and better sleep you will soon feel a lot better. x

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