Constant yawning, anyone else?

For the past 6 weeks I have been constantly yawning during my gymnastic class. Everyone thinks that I am bored or that I am not getting enough sleep both of which are untrue. My iron is really low at the moment yet since starting CPAP therapy in Nov '16 I am no longer tired during the day. It is only when I exercise that the yawning starts. Has anyone any suggestions or does anyone suffer from the same problem?

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  • This man utd games making me yawn 😜😜. Always remember science teacher telling us that when we yawn its our lungs asking for more oxygen mind you that wase'nt last week or last year could very well have changed this theory!!

  • Thank you Mark, your memory serves you well, yes it can be an air hunger due to low O2 saturation however, I am not displaying symptoms outwith the exercise class and my O2 sats 95% which is really good for me.

    Keep watching, maybe the expensive players will prove their value ... Then again, maybe not🤔

  • If one of my asthmatic daughters starts to yawn when we are in an enclosed space, I know the next step is that she feels lightheaded and it's time to get her into the fresh maybe it is lack of oxygen.

    Have you got an oximeter that you can use when you are exercising so that you can check your saturation level.

  • I do it the old fashioned way and look at my nail beds however, I might invest in a pulse oximeter.

    Before commencing on CPAP ( continous positive airway pressure) my sats were very low but I have noticed an amazing difference since therapy started therefore, I am inclined to think it's not due to a drop in O2?

    Your daughter's reaction is interesting. I am asthmatic so maybe there is a connection but why now, I have been asthmatic for 30 years?

    Thanks knitter, you made me think.

  • low oxygen levels cause yawning too, Get them to check when it starts :)

  • Thanks, I will buy an oximeter and check before and after. My colour is really good, no bluish tints, lips nice and pink.

    I did have a respiratory virus in January which triggered my asthma ... maybe connected?

  • quite likely would affect things but check your oxygen levels too :)

  • Going shopping for a pulse oximeter today, will be able to check my O2 level myself. This should give me a good idea of what's going on.

    My iron level is only 45 (range: 60-180) but this has been a chronic condition for over a year now due to Autoimmune disease. Oral suppliments bring it up to 60 but it drops sharply again when tablets stop. Iron deficiency reduces oxygen carrying capacity however, my symptoms are recent, I didn't have the yawning problem when my iron level was only 40?

  • Only a personnel theory but if you are okay with the CPAP which as you say is positive pressure. It might be that the lungs are not getting what they feel they need as you are now at normal pressure? Hench the reason for the larger intake.

    I find I always yawn when driving no matter how awake I am?

    Be Well

  • That's an interesting theory Offcut, I will do a but of research into this and it is something I can ask the pulmonologist on 31st March.


  • I have a tendency to yawn on a prolific scale when I hear Nicola Sturgeon rabbit on about how bad the people of Scotland are treated.

  • Yawning because you don't care or you don't believe there is truth in her statements?

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