Bit more positive

I saw a different doctor today and I have a new inhaler to try - Seretide twice a day. I also have a rescue pack. It seems I am already under a consultant. All the surgeries in the area are directed by three specialists because of the prevalence of lung disease in the area! I live in Dartford really close to the tunnel and the area is almost permanently gridlocked. I can taste the pollution. I was a smoker but a lot of people with COPD around here were not. Our MP is apparently on the case.

I have also put the finishing touches to my PIP application to send off tomorrow.

I felt so much better this afternoon that I made some bracelets too, a favourite hobby. Hope it continues into tomorrow, got to go to work 😃

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  • Good to hear that things are improved a little for you today and hope that continues. Good luck for work tomorrow. Xxxxxx

  • Hello Susiedee, small world, I was born and bred in Dartford and lived central until 2010 so understand only too well what you mean about the tunnell, and the good people of the place beginning with G think Dartford should also suffer yet another crossing!!!!

    So glad you got a positive result this time, hope it continues, as for pip, I get both mobility and care but have different conditions to you, however, a while back someone on here, may have been Stone, posted the guidance that the DWP has 're face to face assessments for COPD, might be worth googling, but if I can find the post i'll repost it to you or at least the link, also a really good site to check is the Benefits and Work forum, they are as good as CAB and the CAB guides are brilliant , worth a quick check over b4 you send off?

    Good luck xx

  • Good news Susie.


  • Found the link to the DWP guidance, have reposted so should appear in your news feed I think?

  • Can't find the link but I have had a lot of help, just hope I qualify, money will be tight now I've had to go part time

  • Thank you Mrs m, you're a star!

  • Thank you x

  • Thanks cupcakes x

  • Just seen your other comments about Dartford. I work in the place beginning with G, we have some great discussions - sometimes we don't even use swear words lol

  • I worked there for 15 yrs! Was split site at dartford as well.

  • Hello Susiedee how awful to live in such a polluted area. I suppose your windows must stay closed most of the time? I run an air purifyer all the time. I think it helps.

    How lovely that you make bracelets. Would you show us one day? I am not good with intricate detail, but it sounds like fun.

    Take good care and good luck with the PIP.

    Cas xx ❤🌱❤

  • I'd love to show you my bracelets, I'll sort some pics out. I used to sell at fairs until I had my stroke. The idea is to one day get back to it full time online.

    I need a purifier I think. Opinion seems split though amongst friends as to whether they help x

  • Wonderful. I love pretty things like bracelets. And I don't own any. 😊 The purifier helps me and tells me when my room is dusty.

    Looking forward to your pictures. ❤😊❤

  • My friend swears by an air purifier - she has one in her house, one she takes on holiday, and one in her car - mind if you've seen her car, you'd need a lot more than just an air purifier to clean it up...!

  • There are a lot of indoor plants that clean the air . NASA has a list of the best air cleaning plants. Have a google.

  • Glad you got on well with your docs, I live over the Thames from Dartford I can see the bridge from here, pollution is definitely not good. Take care x

  • It's awful, on a sunny day it looks like a big oily cloud over us

  • Not good is it, take care x x

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