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Hello, I'm 73 smoked all me life not proud but last October i stopped and was told i had copd . Since i stopped my breathing has slowly got worse.I have to stop halfway up the stairs now.I allways said that the only way i would stop smoking is if i had some scare with my health well i certainly had one, i started coughing and could not stop i nearly passed out. Had all the tests and told i had copd at stage cant remember.What are the "stages"? thanks.

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Hi Fagend and welcome we have something in common.

I was diagnosed at the age of 42 and it was that shock I gave up smoking.

Its important to have yearly flu jabs try and eat healthy and exercise and don't forget meds they are also important.

Take care and remember we are always hear to support you


Stone kindly answered this recently, look here:


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