Hello. I just want to say I'm ever so grateful 4 the time ppl have taken to reply to my questions or queries. It means an awful lot to me. My mind does not work line everyone else's as I have a condition called bipolar disorder. It makes the brain work overtime an can really get u into a manic episode or into a complete catatonic state. I'm glad I havent got there yet.tbe not noting is the most awful part an anyone es mind would work overtime itz exhausting and Thznx again. Sharon. Xxxx

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  • Hi Poppy, cannot understand bi polar as such, you only know an illness when you have it yourself. You can read books about it but you never fully understand. Anxiety I do understand and I am sure anxiety and bipolar are not a good mix! So keep asking questions. You may not get answers all the time but at least you you know people will support you if only by saying they are thinking of you.

  • Lovely photo Poppy and hope you are doing ok. People on here are glad to help so don't ever feel alone. You take care. Xxxxx

  • Hi Sharon, no need to be grateful we have all been in a place where we've been frightened about our future and I can only imagine how much worse it can be when you are bipolar as well, that's a lot to deal with.

    Keep asking your questions and come and talk to us if you're feeling anxious and we like to have a bit of fun too on here.

    Take care and look after yourself x

  • No need for thanks Sharon, we are all here for each other., anytime you want yo chat there is always someone here for you. My friend suffers with bipolar so in a way I can understand. You take care xx😊 Bernadette

  • Hi Sharon a lot of us on here are suffering with anxiety and or depression so don't worry about voicing your fears most of us understand how you are feeling take care x

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