So results from CT back and thank God not Cancer. Still bit of a mystery though so being refered to Respiratory Medicine at the hospital as "Mycoplasm" term used :

Mycoplasma is a genus of bacteria that lack a cell wall around their cell membrane. Without a cell wall, they are unaffected by many common antibiotics such as penicillin or other antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. They can be parasitic or saprotrophic. Several species are pathogenic in humans, including M. pneumoniae, which is an important cause of atypical pneumonia and other respiratory disorders.

So more blood tests and sputum samples till get hosp appointment. Just to add to it also GP said enlarged bile duct seen ( No Gallstones though) so going to have ultrasound of Liver too.

All a bit exhausting but I know why I was feeling so unwell since January now

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  • At least you have a bit of a clue as to what's going on now. You do seem to be well cared for which is good and l hope things improve for you. Take care xxxx

  • Thank you :)

  • So glad you have finally got some answers, let us know how you are doing take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • will do x

  • Glad things are being sorted for you, hôpe all goes well

    Take care xxxx

  • Cheers

  • I am so pleased for you, it is a nightmare waiting for the results, especially when the "C" word has been used. I have the same nightmare going on, waiting for mine.

  • Oh sorry you are having to wait, any idea when you will get your results?

  • Tuesday next week, so not long to go. My scan was on the 24th last month, been a long wait.

  • Fingers & toes crossed for you x

  • Good to hear it's not cancer and good luck with the tests and getting better :)

  • :)

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