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Did you know lung disease costs the UK £11 billion every year?

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Can you help BLF tell politicians that we need a better plan for treating people with lung conditions?

As part of our Battle for breath campaign ( blf.org.uk/take-action/camp... ) , we want the government and NHS to sit down with us and come up with a long-term plan for the nation’s lung health. The government has already made 5-year plans for cancer and mental health. We need to have a plan for lung health too.

Lung disease costs the UK £11 billion each year ( blf.org.uk/what-we-do/our-r... ) Last year, we found that lung disease mortality rates haven’t improved in 10 years. The UK now has the 4th highest mortality rates in Europe. But something can be done.

By coming up with a plan, we can improve care for people with lung conditions, help prevent people from getting lung conditions in the first place, and spend every penny effectively too.

And you can help.

Click on this page blf.org.uk/take-action/camp... to send an email to your MP.

It’ll only take 2 minutes. Make sure you tell them any personal stories that might help persuade them.

Thank you for your help and support.

Best wishes,


BLF Admin

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I have just fired off an email to my MP and the link to my BLF blog. I live in hope that he does the right thing.

Sent. :) I remember everyone's disappointment when lungs were left out by the taskforce last time around.

Sent, and posted to faceache as well.

Sounds like another of those stupid guesses which are so prevalent nowadays. I would like to see a schedule breaking down the numbers which result in a total of £11 billion. Using silly guesses always detracts from the argument.

Nonetheless I fully support your concept

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Inamoment in reply to Tetrazzini

I doubt it is a guess. I don't know how many have lung problems or what treatments they have. I am retired so there is no employment cost, but I must cost the NHS a huge amount what with tests, hospital stays, staff costs and medication.

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Tetrazzini in reply to Inamoment

I do not want in any way to be disrespectful but do you honestly have any idea what £11,000,000,000 is?

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Inamoment in reply to Tetrazzini

Pardon? Probably not that hard to work out. Take a look at statistics.blf.org.UK for a starter

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Hidden in reply to Tetrazzini


Thank you for your support.

The research behind the report was done for us independently by Pro Bono Economics, a charity of health economists.

You can find the methodology behind the figures on page 8 of the report. Essentially, they used the same method the Department of Health uses to calculate costs to ensure that we had the most accurate figures possible.



Done, I never dreamed that I would get lung disease. I am hanging onto working by the skin of my teeth. I only work part time now, the pain and shortness of breath is excruciating and getting worse 😟

Hi Hidden , it has taken a while and three emails but eventually I got a reply:

Thank you for contacting me recently about lung disease

I sympathise profoundly with anyone who suffers with respiratory illness and I share many of the concerns raised by the British Lung Foundation. Lung disease is a major health issue and it is important we take steps to improve respiratory health.

In a report published by the British Lung Foundation in March, variations in treatment and care across the country were found and it was estimated that lung disease costs the economy £11 billion every year. Raising serious concerns about the long-term neglect, under-prioritisation and underinvestment in research, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

It is disappointing that the government has no forthcoming plan to tackle lung health throughout the UK. There is not only a financial toll for our society but also for the NHS. I believe the Government need to decide upon a credible and comprehensive strategy to minimise the prevalence of lung diseases in our country.

I share your concerns that not enough is being done to tackle inequality in our heath service - £200 million has already been cut from local public health budgets and 3.9% average real-terms cuts are expected each year to 2020-21.

At the General Election in June I stood on a manifesto which pledged to invest in our NHS to give patients the modern, well-resourced services they need, and to take action to address 'postcode lotteries' to ensure that the quality of care an individual receives does not depend on which part of the country they live in.

Thank you for contacting me and for sharing your views. I can assure you I will continue to press the Government for a better approach to respiratory health and to ensure a better future for our NHS

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