Pulmonary Rehab - finally

Went to my 6 monthly consultant appointment this morning. Found out I have a new consultant.

I did the breathing tests last October, and he said whilst there is a slight narrowing of the lungs, basically everything is stable.

Best point though, is that he recommended me for Pulmonary Rehab. Something I've only been asking for, for the last 4 and a half years. Until today, no Doctor was willing to recommend me.

The new consultant was. I'm so happy right now!

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  • It is very odd how the GPs are so lax in recommending PH. I instigated my own enrolment.

    "O yes " she said, " tins of beans and things".

  • It's ridiculous isn't it Ian? It's not just GPs, but consultants too. Every time I've asked, I've been knocked back, poopoo'd away. You name it.

    The guy today recommended it to me! I jumped at the chance!

  • Glad you are finally getting to go to pulmonary rehab you will enjoy it.😊 xx

  • Thanks Damon. The consultant did say its a long waiting list so it may be a while before I actually get on it, but at least he's willing to put me forward for it - which is more than so many GP's and Consultants before him were willing to do.

  • Great news Symes and hope it all goes well. Nice to see you again. Xxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy. It's good to be back 😊 xxxx

  • That's good news Symes. I found PR invaluable.....well worth the wait. Enjoy. XXX

  • Thanks Pam, looking forward to it xx

  • That is good news. I too have been recommended for PR, which I couldn't do before because of heart problems but my new consultant says I can give it a go and see if I can manage it. I'm pleased because I was booked for January and wasn't allowed to do it without further checks.

  • Great news! I am sure it will benefit you.

  • Hope you don't have to wait too long to get up the waiting list for Rehab, Symes. Sue x

  • I hope not Sue. Just have to wait and see I guess x

  • Congrats Symes...nice to see you back here..PR is possibly the best news person suffering with lung disorders can get.It will teach you how best to increase your lung capacity and hopefully to breathe a little better. More importantly if you continue the exercises at home you will reap the benefit. Best wishes

    Will (Australia)

  • Thanks Will 😊

  • Can you tell me what pulmonary rehab is please. I have bullous disease in both lungs, had half of one lung removed and pluerodesis . Ive never smoked . Ive had little support and just use the same inhalors i had when they thought i had asthma . Id be grateful for any advice . Cheers 👍

  • PR, usually a six week course. Two, two hour sessions per week.

    Prior assessment by the physiotherapists who run it, with walking test (for the record plus one at the end to show your improvement). Questionnaires during assessment on your quality of life amongst other things.

    The sessions are made up of 1 hour gentle exercise specifically to build your lung capacity, stamina & strength. These are well supervised & supported, folks on oxygen are monitored, folks with physical difficulties can sit & are taught to adapt the exercises to suit them.

    The 2nd hour is for education, where you learn so much from the specially trained physios and others.

    I had thought I wasn't 'ill enough' for it but was told at assessment that they wanted to catch people early to prevent them from getting really unwell. I know I wouldn't be as well now with out PR.

    Marvellous. Very poorly participants had a family member with them for support.

    If you put PR in the search bar above right you'll get loads more info.

    Edit: I'd recommend taking hand gel to use constantly during the 1st hour at least.

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