Any do's and don'ts for 64yr old with pneumonia?? I'm usually fit so feeling a bit yuk at the moment any advice getting through this would be great. I'm on antibiotics for 7 days plus I was in hospital one night where I was given a starter antibiotic into cannula and fluids. Must say without sounding whingy the crackling sound breathing does go on a bit .... you would find me in a dark room lol

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  • Hope you feel better soon.x

  • Marvinbear so few words but they mean a lot thank you

  • Yes I have had Pneumonia its a horrible illness know want you going though, its knocks you for six and you think this is never going to end but it does. The sun is shinning here feels like summer is really on its way take care. MX

  • Marvinbear I could feel the heat of the sun as I read your post lol may it be a long drawn out summer for us all x

  • Hello Deni I have just gotten over pneumonia thank goodness I did not have to go into hospital. Just take things easy and get plenty of rest. Remember to drink plenty of fluids it will help thin and loosen the mucus. Please keep posting so we know how you are doing. Hope you get well soon. Take care.😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thanks Bernadette could you tell me how long your recovery took please, I don't want to rush things but it would be good to here other experiences. Was a bit breathless this morning annoying when not used to it just want to click my fingers and be ok 👌....I know.... BE PATIENT

  • it took about five week to get rid of the pneumonia totally, but I'm still breahless when active. My community matron told me it will take as long again to get my breathing back to what it was 😊 xxx

  • Thanks for your reply Damon I know we are all different but it really is good to listen to those who have been there so thanks again

  • Hello and welcome to the BLF forum. I'm sorry to hear of the pneumonia, which can take a while to recover from. Be kind to yourself and rest up. :)

  • Thank you Mrs Mummy

  • Sorry to hear you have pneumonia. I had community acquired pneumonia last November I was in hospital for three days. Had plenty of abs steroids and painkillers. Then discharged with more for a week. Had a chest X-ray in December and it had cleared up. I wasn't really ill with it just very breathless my sats were 94 and didn't go below that and I didn't feel ill. One thing have you ever had the pneumonia jag. I did have the jag but with having it I wasn't as bad as I would have been if I didn't have the jag. Hope you feel better soon take care.

  • Hi can only talk from my experience of pneumonia. I had bilateral pneumonia and septicemia over Christmas. In hospital for 14 days. Was told on discharge my recovery would take months. I pushed my rehabilitation to fast and within a month had pneumonia again, luckily treated at home this time. Take little steps exercise wise and take plenty of rest. Don't push yourself to far or too fast. I am still only at 75% of what I was 4 months ago pre illness but I am getting there be patient.

  • Thank you Badbessie, I will take note and pace myself, I can see I will have to be patient and not think it's like a regular virus with a 7/10 day run, really hope you get ur 25% back very soon. X

  • When I had pneumonia I was in hospital for a week, I went back to work after 6 weeks, but it was too soon, ended up off work again. It can take months to recover, just be kind to yourself and rest and do a little at a time, you will get your strength back, but in time. Eat plenty of fruit and veg and drink plenty, you will get there. X x

  • Thank you for your encouragement Shirley, I'm another day nearer feeling better 👍

  • Greetings :)

    Yes, I have some advice...

    Don't try to fool yourself into thinking that you will recover in a couple of weeks. It could take a couple of months. Therefore, be patient with yourself.

    Do drink lots, to maintain your fluid levels, to help clear the crackles.

    Do be gentle with yourself - you are only human, not superman. The older we get, the less we treat ourselves with generosity.

    Understand that those around you actually do want to help. You are not being a pain the the backside. They know you need help.

    Above all, take time to sit and watch the world go by. It will help your recovery no end.



  • Ah Catnip.... the 'crackles' ......I feel like quasimodo and 'the bells' only 'the crackles the crackles'.

    I am taking on board all advice/suggestions and do appreciate the comments, it will only take as long as it takes so be patient and look after myself..... back up to my tower then x

  • Hope your feeling a bit better today?

  • To be honest marvinbear I'm not sure 🤔 am I coughing more today? do I feel more tired ? had a good night though so YAY. Guess it may sometimes be 1 step forward 2 back .....oh well I may be a better dancer after this .... hope you are well, happy and loving the sunshine x

  • Hayfever has stuck me today feeling a bit pants, chest tight, wheezing, sneezing and coughing. You take it slow and don't to to must too soon.x

  • My sisters side of the family are hayfever sufferers so I know it can be a nightmare really hope it's a one off for you.

  • Hi, I have pneumonia at the moment too. I've been admitted into hospital twice and it has cleared from my left lung, but not yet the right lung. I'm on antibiotics for 14 days.

    It might be nice to chat and discuss our progress as this has all affected me really suddenly and it's very scary and overwhelming. I'm 32 and I'm incredibly fit and healthy, well I was, not so much now.

    I hope you're doing well and let's hope we both have a speedy recovery.

  • Amen to that bee, I know feelings can be all over and I do think I expect to keep moving forward but then find its not as quick as I expect. How are your symptoms are you feeling better in that sense? At the moment I'm on day 5 of 7 antibiotic treatment. I have been reading up and trying breathing exercises and chest taps ...oh the joys 😉

  • I think my most difficult symptoms to deal with are shortness of breath and my heart just pounds. It's all very scary.

    I have no cough really but mine was never particularly bad. I'm on day eight out of fourteen of new antibiotics - they play havoc with your body, don't they?!

    Do you feel you've made a massive improvement. I don't. I number how I feel most days and when I was first admitted I was feeling a 9, and now I feel about a 38 out of 100. Ha my husband thinks it's funny I number my recovery.

  • Hey if it makes sense to you that's all that matters, I do feel the chest tapping clears my chest ...each to our own I guess, I'm looking forward to my breathing exercises improving my lung capacity, I hope iv improved and the crackles lessen with each day,

  • How do you sleep at night? That's another thing I find difficult. I can only get comfortable on my back, but the pain when I wake up is never great, although improving.

    Do you sleep good lung up or down? My doctor said it doesn't really matter but my heart appears under more pressure when I attempt to lie on my not so good lung.

    Sorry, so many questions.

  • I have all the settee cushions piled on bed with pillows making a bank and sleep on side/front and have to say have had 3 good nights ..... I have never been able to sleep on my back pneumonia or no pneumonia.

  • Thank you for your response. Yeah, I have a rather nice little mountain of pillows myself.

    Are you suffering from any pleuritic pain? Anything help it?

    I'm not having a very good afternoon. Usually my mornings start out positive but by the afternoon I worry I'll not make it - silly and dramatic, I know.

    Doctor said I may need to have my fluid injected out with a needle if x ray hasn't cleared by a week Monday.

    I'm generally a very wimpy person so it's all so much sometimes.Sorry to bombard you. I don't really know anyone who has had this before.

  • Yes I get the pain, sometimes it feels superficial other times deeper, that's where patience is needed and not give in to my own thoughts, sometimes gentle rubbing of the superficial pain takes it off do you take any painkillers? I believe in relaxation too, getting your mind to relax can save a lot of anxiety. I think all who have gone before us with this would say they experienced very similar things and hopefully we will get to the other end soon. To share with others on this site is great for us to see things are normal as it runs it's course..not aways nice but part of the path. My faith carries me too, I have doubts and fears like everyone but I draw strength from it. Maybe share your thoughts with your Doctor and let him reassure you. I know I'm better than the day I was admitted but not as good as I want to be .... we have to learn from this bee ..... patience, obedience trust etc take things easy that's what people here have said 'look after yourself, pace yourself, don't rush things' Bless you bee, I will pray for your peace x

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