Breathing problems

Hi,I've had breathing problems for about a year getting worse all the time,have had heart checked out,chest x-Ray all seemed ok I now have been given inhalers as they say it may be asthma, but they don't seem to help,my breathing is getting worse,I have now been referred to ENT, I just feel terrible and going out is an effort as I have to stop several times because I'm not able to breathe,anyone had similar symptoms ?

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  • Hello Purl, think we have all been there at some time,please try not to worry or panic, that will help. Ask your GP to do some tests for asthma. Please let us know how you get on, and take care. We are all here to give support, help and friendship 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Welcome Purl l hope you get a proper diagnosis very soon and then you will have all the correct medication. Contact your GP and explain how you are feeling. Xxx

  • Hi, You need to go back to your GP and request a Spirometry test. There will be to two parts to the test. The second one will be a reversibility test where you take your Ventolin to see if it improves your breathing/ airflow. Your symptom could be due to a number of causes all of which have similar symptoms. Your Doctor as eliminated a number of causes by doing ecg and x-ray etc. I am sorry to say that it will be a process of elimination of things it could be but you will get an answer in the end. Keep us informed how you get on.

  • Thank you for your advice medical team not doing anything else till I have ENT app next week x

  • I was the same for a year, told I had asthma, but after a CT scan I found out I had widespread Bronchiectasis

  • Thanks for your reply, what is that condition and how is it treated. ?

  • The lungs are widened and fill with fluid which needs to be coughed up. Need antibiotics and steroids constantly because the fluid gets infected. Need to avoid anyone with a cold as it doesn't take much to get infected. I always have a rescue pack of antibiotics. Hope you get sorted soon

  • I have app at ENT next week so have to wait and see how that goes

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